Honestly this week we will put the focus where it is due.  The top five were exactly the same as last week.  The top 12 combined movies were the second lowest of the year.

1 – Ralph Breaks the internet     $16 million

2 – The Grinch                               $15 million

3 – Creed II                                    $10 million

4 – Fantastic Beasts II                 $6.8 million

5 – Bohemian Rhapsody             $6 million

Okay, there.  The boring business out of the way.  Let’s get to the good stuff!



Now we get to the heart of the month with bigger titles, bigger box offices and a whole lot of fun!  This week we have three big titles coming out and they are still amongst the lesser brands.

Image result for mortal engines

First up we have the epic looking saga kicking off from Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, Mortal Engines.  With all of the titles coming out people will undoubtedly bee watching their money and which films they go too.  A good thing this new franchise by Jackson is leading off the holiday season or it might have been buried beneath the other titles.  It looks huge.  It looks epic, but when the bar looks to be set so high, can it deliver?  Can it weave a story and keep us interested for two hours beyond the mega effects and visuals.

So far it is coming in at 38% on Rotten Tomatoes with 91% of readers wanting to see it.  Many are saying the story is a mess and it is not well paced.  Is this the case or is this another movie that is simply over critics heads to enjoy.

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Also coming out is Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse.  I dismissed this as a a kids cartoon that may or may not get an audience.  The surprising thing is with 84 reviews in, it currently holds a 99% fresh on rotten tomatoes!  Word of mouth for this film is overwhelmingly popular.  Critics are saying it is a risk taking, fresh take to the comic world.

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Finally, we have a great piece of counter programming from the man himself – Clint Eastwood.  The Mule is about an old man with money problems who takes a job as a driver.  Later he finds out that he is now working for a Mexican drug cartel.

Eastwood stars and directs this film.  It also stars the likes of Bradley Cooper, Michael Pena, Andy Garcia and Lawrence Fishburne.  No reviews are out for this one yet, but you can bet it will get some golden nods come Oscar season.