After what felt like eons of anticipation and a sneak peek during Free Comic Book Day, Ranger Academy has finally landed on the shelves courtesy of BOOM! Studios!

A Tale as old as Time

It’s a classic tale, a bit cliché perhaps, featuring Sage—a gal living with her father on a distant moon, enjoying a simple life as a space shepherd. The plot thickens when she saves two Ranger Cadets who crash-land, leading to her sneaky stowaway adventure on their now-fixed ship. Before you know it, she’s whisked off to the prestigious RANGER ACADEMY.

I’ve never heard of a Ranger Academy?!

Once they touch down, Tula gives Sage the lowdown and hooks her up with some gear to pass off as a new cadet. And get this—they’re planning to fake her dad’s approval. You know, the dad who chose to live on a deserted moon with his only daughter for the sake of “safety.”

Thoughts from THE GRID

Is anyone else picking up some Luke Skywalker vibes from Sage? Props for the intriguing twist with her father, a plot thread that’s sure to come back and complicate things later. But what really caught my attention in this oversized first issue was the glimpse into Ranger Academy lore. It’s almost like a brochure trying to sell you on the idea of sending your kid to this school.

There’s a ton of potential here, and I’m itching to find out if this fits into the current comic book mythos or if it’s taking a different path post-Shattered Grid.


Both the Main cover and Ejikure come with Incentive full art variants. Which you can pick up at your local LCS.

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