After Grace’s tragic death at the hands of the corrupted Green Ranger, all of the heroes were scattered across the cosmos; with Billy finding himself in conversation with a seemingly digital manifestation of Grace.

Billy awoke in a small pocket dimension within the Morphin Grid; engaging in a conversation with a digital copy of Grace’s brain. Flabbergasted by the concept, he struggled to grasp it. However, ever the strategist, Grace steadied him and revealed the dire situation; Dark Spector was infecting the grid, rendering the Rangers powerless. Plagued by self-doubt, Billy questioned his role, but Grace reminded him that he was the Blue Ranger, the “Problem Solver.”

Where is Somewhere?

The rest of the team found themselves displaced by the Master Arch, their destination unknown. Split into pairs, there were Zach and Trini, Kim and Tommy, and Aisha with Matt. Tensions were high as they endured constant attacks from waves of Thrulls. The teens’ unresolved conflicts and hurt feelings became evident in moments of rest.

Amidst the relentless onslaught, Aisha and Tommy approached Matt; urging him to overcome his waking nightmares and step up as a Ranger, as they desperately needed him. A mysterious ship appeared just as the Thrulls took the upper hand. Onboard, Billy materialized out of the grid, discovering a chest containing eggs.

Thoughts From THE GRID

The pages of this adventure unfolded at breakneck speed. It was a refreshing departure from the focus on villains. Even the brief reunion of Trini, Kim, Tommy, and Zach paid homage to the original team. The intriguing dynamic between Matt and Aisha added depth to the story and was even featured on one of the variant covers.

Viewing the grid from this unique perspective was awe-inspiring. With its flowing colors giving a sense of the vast Power Rangers Universe. Mentioning the Morphinaut, albeit from another dimension, hinted at potential long-term story ramifications.

The mention of the eggs was a clever nod, showing Missy’s knack for exploring deeper cuts in the MMPR lore. Let’s hope it doesn’t “crack under pressure.”

Covered Like No Other

Both Main and Dark Grid covers come in full art incentive variants which you can pick up at your LCS.

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