While Star Wars fans around the galaxy are getting ready for Star Wars Celebration in London, many that are not going have been wondering when and where the next one will be. Well, it now looks as if we got part of the when answered in an article that was released today on StarWars.com. It seems that we will have at least a year off after the Celebration London event that is taking place April 7 – 9. According to an article written by the StarWars.com team, the next celebration will take place in 2025.

Star Wars Celebration

With tons to do and see at Celebration, there’s no one reason to go; but if you’ve yet to make the journey, and with Star Wars Celebration Europe coming April 7-9 in London, here are five reasons you may want to take the plunge. (And if you can’t join us this year, with the next Star Wars Celebration not taking place until 2025, you’ll have plenty of time to work on your cosplay, refine your Wookiee roar, and sharpen your lightsaber skills.)

Source: StarWars.com

As of now, there is no mention of the month or location of the next Star Wars Celebration, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw it make its return to Florida in 2025. Now please also keep this in mind, this is a storage way for them to release the next date since it is usually done after the current Celebration event is over. So like many other events, if the year changes I wouldn’t be surprised.

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Source: StarWars.com