I thought I knew what I was getting into when going into Dicks: The Musical. I was unfamiliar with the writers/stars of the film, Josh Sharp and Aaron Jackson. However, I will never forget them. 

The musical comedy also stars Multi-Tony Award Winner Nathan Lane (Producers) and Emmy Award Winner Megan Mullally (Young Frankenstein). Starring alongside them are also SNL Alum Bowen Yang, as well as Grammy Award Winning Megan Thee Stallion. Even with this cast, nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see.


As we know, A24 has gained a reputation for producing films that are known for their twisted, peculiar, and unsettling nature. Dicks: The Musical serves as A24’s venture into the realm of musicals and stays true to their distinctive style. The musical is replete with risqué humor, and R-rated songs, it has the potential to evoke discomfort and possibly anger among viewers by the end.

Dicks: The Musical is a film adaptation of the Off-Broadway musical titled “Fucking Identical Twins.” The storyline hilariously parodies the classic film “Parent Trap.” In the film, Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally portray divorced individuals who each took custody of one of their twins and ceased all communication. 

However, Aaron Jackson and Josh Sharp, who coincidentally work together after their companies’ merger, discover that they are, in fact, “Fucking Identical Twins.” Motivated by their desire to have the family they’ve always yearned for, the two embark on a mission to reunite their parents.

The humor in the film is not subtle and no one is safe. As the story progresses, it becomes increasingly bizarre and edgy, especially with the appearance of Lane and Mullally, who are experienced in musical comedy. Both actors perfectly align with Jackson and Sharp’s boundary-pushing style, delivering incredibly vulgar lines and songs with a serious demeanor…most of the time.


Dicks: The Musical’s music is not only toe-tapping but also incredibly catchy. The songs are earworms that definitely leave a lasting impression. That said, while I enjoyed Megan Thee Stallion’s performance her song in the film seemed to disrupt the flow. It felt somewhat out of place and didn’t possess the same level of humor or catchiness as the other songs.

While watching the film, I found myself laughing uncontrollably, thinking that it couldn’t get any funnier. However, to my delight, they included bloopers during the credits. Witnessing Nathan Lane’s playful interaction with his “sewer boys” and his humorous contemplation of his role in the film is truly priceless and worth every second of enjoyment.

Dicks: The Musical hits theaters Friday, October 6th! Run and go see it!