Magic: the Gathering is a big money business. Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro have been breaking sales records with each new set. A copy of the 1/1 The One Ring card from the recent Lord of the Rings set sold to Post Malone for $2 million. Now, it looks like some thieves took the opportunity to craft a plan and steal over $300K worth of cards at the recent Gen Con 2023 event. The thieves stole a pallet worth of Magic cards including booster boxes and Collector Booster boxes. The majority of the stolen material was Commander Masters product. Commander Masters booster boxes go for about $300 per box and Collector Booster sets (which have less packs, but special cards inside) go for around $175.

You can help out the Indianapolis Police Department in their investigation by identifying the following people.

The cards were stolen from the game store Pastimes Comics & Games.

The police state that at least two men stole the cards with a pallet jack and just walked right out of the convention floor. I’ve been to my fair share of conventions, and it does make sense. If you look like you’re doing something official and legit, people won’t question why you have a pallet of hundreds of thousands of dollars in Magic cards.

It’s a sad state of affairs that someone would have to stoop this low to steal some Magic product. WIth the way Magic: the Gathering is going, the product is going to get more and more expensive as it gets more popular. With sets coming out based on new and hot IP like Fallout, Doctor Who, and Assassin’s Creed, this might become more common.

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