After weeks of searching, the One Ring in Magic: the Gathering, has been found. The 1/1 card variant that was only available in Collector Booster packs has been found. Through a Tweet and a confirmation from PSA, it’s been authenticated and graded. The whole saga has seen tons of people, Magic players and casual people trying to open up the card after bounties of over a million dollars were placed on whoever could find it.

Instead of fanfare, it was more of a whisper in the night. We don’t know who opened the card, we don’t know where in the world they were, or how they did it. That’s the truly disappointing part of the whole ordeal is that Wizards of the Coast couldn’t think of something equally as epic as the chase for the Ring.

This special 1/1 variant features foiling, elvish, and other qualities that separate it from the normal versions of the base card. From the start, this whole promotion fueled conspiracy theories and questions about how it would be found. Surely people with tons of money could buy a bunch of Collector’s Booster packs. Did Wizards of the Coast know exactly where the One Ring box was? It would be incredibly flavorful to the Lord of the Rings if this One Ring got stuck in an Amazon Fulfillment Center until the end of time.

Either way, it finishes this saga and starts a new one. With however much money that WIzards of the Coast made on this; what sort of promotions are they cooking up for future Universes Beyond sets like the upcoming Doctor Who one?

Not making a huge celebration over who found the One Ring is a missed opportunity for Wizards of the Coast. Yes, it could be a potential security risk for the person now owning a million-dollar+ card; but at least give us some more details other than just the Tweet they made.

As for now, you might see the prices of Collector Boosters go down for this set.

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