If Monopoly wasn’t already drama-filled enough for you, the new Monopoly: Yellowstone game might be what you need. What better way to increase the stakes of the classic property trading game than to throw a healthy dose of the Duttons onto it? As any Yellowstone fan knows, building and keeping the Dutton empire strong is a key part of the show. With this new game, players can expand their own empires to include the Dutton Ranch and other properties from the show.


Whenever a popular brand is put onto an existing product, it can often feel rushed and cheap. More a way to take advantage of the branding than it is actually to create a quality product. I’m glad to say that is not the case for Monopoly: Yellowstone. The components in the box are high quality. The cards are sturdy and well-printed, as is the game board itself. I was very pleased to find that the player tokens are die-cast metal, not plastic. They have a good feel to them as you navigate the board and collect properties.

I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and inspected all of the components. There weren’t any corner cuts to save money on the final product. The box insert was also a nice touch and has a spot for storing all the pieces easily. You’d be surprised how many games don’t have this seemingly simple feature. The only noticeable absence in the game was any visual depiction of Kevin Costner as John Dutton. A silhouetted cowboy on the game box and board is likely there to represent John. However, the likeness of Costner is nowhere to be found. This could be due to licensing issues or costs with the popular actor. His absence in no way detracts from the game, but is something fans of the series will notice.



This version of Monopoly is dripping with the Yellowstone theme. Everything in the box has been rethemed to fit with the Yellowstone series. Instead of the standard play pieces like the shoe and thimble, this version gives players a choice of branding iron, a rope, a saddle, a cowboy hat, a bull, and a belt buckle. The Chance Cards have been redone as Protect The Land Cards, and Community Chest cards have been rebranded as We Don’t Choose The Way. Of course, you can’t build an empire with cash, and the money has also been given the Yellowstone treatment.

The theming is very well done. Nearly every part of the game is pulled right from the hit series. The properties that players will collect during the game are all locales featured in the show. Everything from Market Equities to the Dutton Ranch Main House is up for grabs. I particularly found the Protect The Land and We Don’t Choose The Way cards to be a lot of fun. Many of them call back to scenes from the show. For example, one of the cards is “Foil A Robbery At Ruby’s Cafe.” Which is a direct reference to a memorable moment from Season 4 of the series. The show’s fans will certainly enjoy these small touches that tie back to the episodes.

Perhaps the only thing missing from the theme is the ability to take other players’ tokens to the “Train Station” after a deal goes wrong. Though you will find a reference to the famous euphemism elsewhere in the game.


Monopoly is a game that often gets a bad rap in the board game community, and I will readily admit is not for everyone. (Though this is often due to house rules that people have thrown on the game to make it last much longer than designed.) However, this version of the classic property trading game is a lot of fun for fans of Yellowstone. The thematic touches on the game board and cards will remind fans of the show and their favorite scenes and characters. I smiled several times as I turned over a new card and was reminded of something from the show. With the holiday season in full swing, Monopoly: Yellowstone might be a perfect gift for your favorite Yellowstone fan.

Monopoly: Yellowstone is now available to order online and at Amazon.


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