Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is one of the most classic of classic anime series. Seriously, this anime originally came out in 1972. NA readers from that era might be more familiar with this sci-fi anime as Battle of the Planets. You know, because that was the name Sandy Frank Entertainment chose for this anime when they adapted it for NA audiences back in 1978. They didn’t even show the entire anime. Just 85 out of the 105 episodes of the original anime. Yet despite this, Battle of the Planets was one of the most commercially successful anime series of the 1970’s, airing on over 100 network affiliates during afterschool hours. To the point where it spawned a whole bunch of sequels and spin-offs. Now it seems though that we’re about to get some new comic books to add to that ever-growing list. All thanks to Mad Cave Studios to boot.

Gatchaman: Details

Gatchaman main cover art.
Science Ninja Team Gatchaman for a modenr audience, perhaps?

Mad Cave Studios and Tatsunoko Production (the animation studio behind the 1972 anime) are proud to announce that they are teaming up to publish new comic book series for Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. They have even shortened the title to just Gatchaman. You know, in case the rather lengthy title is a bit much to remember.

Unfortunately, neither Mad Cave Studios nor Tatsunoko Procution make any mention of exactly what these new Gatchaman comics will be about. All they will mention is that they will be new stories that “take place in the world of the original series setting, staying true to the timeless classic”.

Mad Cave couldn’t be more excited to partner with Tatsunoko and bring Gatchaman back to North America. We have big plans for the science ninja team, and look forward to sharing their fantastic adventures with readers, new and old.

Mark Irwin, Mad Cave Studios Senior VP of Business Development

Gatchaman has entertained and influenced fans around the world for over 50 years, and it could not be a better time to introduce their futuristic world to a new generation of readers. Tatsunoko is absolutely excited to work with the team at Mad Cave Studios.

Kaz Haruna, Tatsunoko Production Director of International Business

Even more unfortunately, it will be a while before we see what these new comics will be about. The first Gatchaman comic will make its debut sometime in 2024. Mad Cave Studios and Tatsunoko Production don’t give any more specific a release window. Tune back in to THS to find out more about these new Science Ninja Team Gatchaman comics when we do. As well as other anime news, that is.