Does anyone remember that old Disney show Gargoyles? You know, that most excellent dark fantasy animated series from 1994 that featured, among other things, a dark melodramatic storyline with complex arcs? Well, as it turns out: Disney feels like it’s the right time to make a live-action adaptation of it for the big screen. Even better: Disney has even lined up a director for this live-action adaptation. Has anyone ever heard of Sir Kenneth Branagh?

Gargoyles Live-Action Adaptation: Sir Kenneth Branagh as Director?

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The Irish daily newspaper Belfast Telegraph has just revealed a big surprise for Gargoyles fans. In a very unexpected twist, they revealed that Sir Kenneth Branagh (Henry V, Thor, Cinderella (2015)) will be directing a live-action film adaptation of that Disney animated series.

It’s actually a quite a fitting role for Sir Kenneth Branagh. He is quite famous for being a devoted fan of William Shakespeare’s works. You can see it in all of his film adaptations of Shakespeare’s works from Henry V (1989), to Hamlet (1996), and all the way to As You Like It (2006). In all of these cases, Branagh served as both director and writer. Why is this important for Gargoyles? Well, fans will recall that the series had a running Shakespearean obsession going on. Many episodes had a layer of tragedy in it driven by characters’ obsessions and emotions. They’re things Shakespeare himself would’ve loved, and thus a fitting plot for Sir Branagh to write and direct.

Alas, what the Belfast Telegraph doesn’t tell us is when we’ll get to see this Gargoyles live-action adaptation. We don’t even have a cast for it yet. Heck, we don’t even have official confirmation from Disney yet that this is even happening. That’s something we’ll have to wait for at a later date. Tune back in to THS later to find out more about this Gargoyles film when we do.

Source: Belfast Telegraph

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