Prehistoric Planet gave us one of the best dinosaur documentaries since BBC’s Walking with Dinosaurs back in 1999. It’s all thanks to the combination of high-quality CGI, excellent storytelling on par with the best animal documentaries, and, most of all: dinosaurs depicted using the latest in paleontology. This includes some very fluffy dinosaurs. Those five episodes of season 1 were just pure perfection. Then Apple TV+ decided to give us a season two that gives us even more of it.

Prehistoric Planet season 2: Details

Prehistoric Planet season 2 vertical key visual.
Nothing says “epic dinosaur documentary” like breaching mosasaurs.

Prehistoric Planet season 2 is the latest season (you can read a review of season 1 here) of this dinosaur-centric nature documentary. BBC Studios Natural History Unit, Golem Creations, and Moving Pictures Company (responsible for visual effects and CGI) are the production companies responsible for this nature documentary.

Jon Favreau (Iron Man, The Avengers, Spider-Man: Homecoming) and Mike Gunton (The Trials of Life, Planet Earth II, The Green Planet) are the executive producers of Prehistoric Planet season 2. Hans Zimmer and Andrew James Christie are the composers of that epic theme music you hear at the start of each episode. Meanwhile, Zimmer, Anže Rozman, and Kara Talve are the overall composers.

Prehistoric Planet season 2 features Andrew R. Jones, Adam Valdez, and Krzysztof Szczepanski as the directors. Meanwhile, Paul D. Stewart, Nick Lyon, Alec Ginns, Amber Cherry Eames, and Paul Thompson are the writers for the same.

Voice Cast

Prehistoric Planet season 2 has only a single voice cast serving as the narrator. You might recognize the name of Sir David Attenborough. He’s only the most iconic nature documentary voice, after all.

Where to Watch

Prehistoric Planet season 2 made its debut on May 22, 2023. It then concluded its run on May 26, 2023 for a grand total of 5 episodes. You know, just like last season. You can watch this dinosaur documentary only on Apple TV+.

Prehistoric Planet season 2: Synopsis

This is way better than Jurassic World could ever hope to be.

Normally, this would be the part of my review where I would spoil you all with a summary of the plot. However, this is the non-spoilery review of Prehistoric Planet season 2. Thus, you will all get the official synopsis from Apple TV+ this time. You can read it below:

Exploring five new habitats, audiences can expect to be transported to the active volcanoes of India, the marshlands of Madagascar, the deep oceans near North America, and so much more. Throughout this season, the series and its creators take you up close into dinosaurs’ habitats to experience the dangers, the adventures, and even the camaraderie between species unlike any we’ve seen before.

Prehistoric Planet season 2: The Good

Prehistoric Planet season 2 Imperabator horizontal key visual art.
We all just want more fluffy raptors in our lives.

Want some more ultra HD dinosaurs? Fluffy dinosaurs? Baby dinosaurs? Fluffy baby dinosaurs? Even adorable not-dinosaurs? If you say “Yes” to all of the above, then you’ll love Prehistoric Planet season 2. Just like with the previous season, the people responsible for this Apple TV+ series know exactly what their audience wants. Considering that their expected audience is a collection of dinosaur nerds and nature documentary lovers, they did a remarkable job in catering to that audience. Really, the entire documentary feels like watching an episode of Planet Earth crossed over with that excellent Walking with Dinosaurs 1999 series. Honestly, as I mentioned before, I do think this documentary is the Walking with Dinosaurs for the 2020’s that we so desperately need.

The main reason why this is the case for me is the CGI. Prehistoric Planet has some of the best-looking CGI dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures I’ve ever seen. Season 2 continues that from the previous season. Indeed, it feels like they’re trying to one-up themselves in some cases, due to the sheer amount of fluffy dinosaurs and their antics. As you can tell from the key visual, even the water effects look better. The sight of a mosasaur breaching out of the water with a plesiosaur in its mouth looks way better with that gorgeous animation breathing life into it.

It goes without saying too, but David Attenborough breathes even more life into Prehistoric Planet season 2. All thanks to his voice providing the narration, no less. It’s a small thing, but his voice telling the dinosaurs’ and not-dinosaurs’ story really makes this series feel like a legit nature documentary like his The Trials of Life series. Although in many ways, you could say that this is a legit nature documentary. Just with CGI extinct creatures.

Prehistoric Planet season 2: The Bad

Prehistoric Planet season 2 screenshot depicting a Quetzalcoatlus trying to scare off a Tyrannosaurus, and succeeding.
When the big and bad fight it out over a very big snacky-treat.

My one and only complaint with Prehistoric Planet season 2 is how short it feels. It’s not even that it’s objectively short. This dinosaur documentary is made up of 5 episodes each running for between 45 minutes to an hour. It’s nearly the same length as a typical anime season. In fact, it’s the exact same number of episodes and about the same runtime as season 1. My opinion is that it’s more a result of how good this documentary is that time feels like it’s flying by. Honestly, I do hope that Apple TV+ makes this documentary a yearly thing. Which might mean that we might get season 3 in 2024, hopefully? Fingers crossed, fellow dinosaur lovers.

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