It looks like audiences will finally see Hugh Jackman don a comic-accurate Wolverine costume. Ryan Reynolds shared a photo today on his Instagram story that shows Reynolds and Jackman walking together on a dirt road. In the image, Deadpool has on his standard costume but the real treat is seeing Jackman in Wolverine’s blue and yellow costume. This is just the latest news for Deadpool 3, as just last week it was revealed Jennifer Garner would be back as Elektra. Be sure to keep following us here at That Hashtag Show for more Deadpool 3 news as it’s released.


Throughout his long comic history, Wolverine has worn several different costumes. However, the blue and yellow costume is perhaps the most recognizable for the character. Fans have often been disappointed that the classic color scheme was never used in the previous X-Men films. Those movies opted instead for peak 2000s-style black leather outfits for the X-Men. But it looks like in Deadpool 3, fans will get their wish, and see Jackman in the iconic blue and yellow costume.

Deadpool, Wolverine


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