Despite lacking a ton of promotion or fanfare; Insidious: The Red Door managed to walk away with the top spot at the box office this weekend.

Insidious: The Red Door Scares At The Box Office

Insidious: The Red Door Box Office
Patrick Wilson in Screen Gems INSIDIOUS: THE RED DOOR

As per Box Office Mojo, the movie brought in $32.7 Million this weekend on a $16 Million budget. Horror films tend to have lower budgets and hence, higher chances of being profitable; but this likely ensures that Sony will continue with the Insidious franchise.

In our review of the movie, reviewer Josh Tyler said:

It would be a shame if, like other films this summer, Insidious: The Red Door becomes a film most wait to see when it begins streaming at home because its visual scares really do pop on the big screen, and more importantly, the sound design of this movie is meant to be heard in a 360-degree environment. While fearing for our protagonists I was consistently startled by noises to me, left or right, or even behind me. Certain moments overwhelm the senses, like Josh’s trip to get an MRI, while other moments work best in dead silence with the lights out.

Overall, I do think this film is worth seeing in a theater if you are a fan of the previous films in the franchise. The fifth film delivers some of the best scares and emotions of the entire Insidious run. It has something for first-time viewers and long-time fans. Whatever you decide to do though, don’t leave your body behind for too long.

Indiana Jones Box Office Destiny And Another Loss For Disney

Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny came in the 2nd place spot; but saw a 56% drop from its previous weekend with only $26.5 Million at the box office. Similarly, in 2008, Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull saw a 55.3% drop in its second weekend. Perhaps indicating that the moving-going audiences by and large are not showing interest in Indiana Jones anymore.

With a reported budget ranging from $350 Million to $400 Million; the movie’s worldwide box office of $247.9 Million is not enough to make this a financially profitable movie. With Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning: Part One out on Tuesday, and both Barbie and Oppenheimer out on July 21st; it’s highly unlikely that Dial Of Destiny is to see much more attention at the box office.

Sound of Freedom cleaned up a decent amount and made $18.2 Million in the third-place spot. Both Elemental and Spider-Man: Across The Spider-verse maintained some momentum in the fourth and fifth place spots respectively.

Hope On The Horizon

Barbie Box Office

Disney’s failed attempts to bring in audiences have contributed to a 45% loss in overall box office revenue over the last year. However, there’s still hope.

Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning: Part 1 opens this Wednesday. While it’s impossible to expect it’ll do Top Gun: Maverick numbers at the box office; where that movie made $1.495 Billion at the box office. If it is able to build on Mission: Impossible – Fallout‘s goodwill and $791 Million box office success; it’s not impossible to see it clear $1 Billion at the box office. With positive reviews and an uptick in advance booking sales; it’s entirely possible that we could see this happen.

Of course, the much meme’d double header of Barbie and Oppenheimer opens on the 21st; and regardless of the outcome, it likely will inject some much-needed life into a fledgling box office.

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