Did you perhaps miss seeing The Super Mario Bros. Movie in theaters? Maybe you were too busy to take a bit of time off to head to said theaters? Or perhaps you’re just simply not a fan of having to head outside your comfortable home to watch a film at the theaters? Well, now you don’t have to worry about that for long. Peacock has got your back there.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie: Streaming Details

The Super Mario Bros. Movie theatrical release poster.
Soon, we’ll be able to see what this film is like from a nice, soft couch.

Universal has just come out with the news that The Super Mario Bros. Movie will soon be streaming for home audiences. Specifically, this very highly successful attempt to turn Nintendo’s Mario video game franchise into a cinematic franchise will be streaming on Peacock. Variety doesn’t mention this film heading to any other streaming platform though. Thus, we can expect this to be a Peacock exclusive for now.

Not only that, but there will even be bonus features included along with the actual The Super Mario Bros. Movie. According to Variety, these bonus features include “behind-the-scenes interviews with the voice cast, an immersive video field guide and a lucrative “Peaches” lyrical video”. One wonders how can this lyrical video be lucrative and who is it lucrative for, but that’s going off-topic.

So when can we expect to see The Super Mario Bros. Movie on the small screen? Well, also according to Variety, this hit Mario film will make its Peacock debut on August 3, 2023. Unfortunately, Peacock’s free days seem to be over, especially when it comes to new and lucrative content like this film. So if you want to watch it, then you’re going to have to prepare to shell out some cash from your wallet for a premium Peacock subscription.

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