Any fans of Regular Show here? You know, that weird animated black comedy sitcom about an anthropomorphic bluejay and equally-as-anthropomorphic raccoon and their surreal misadventures together? The one that J. G. Quintel made for Cartoon Network? Alas, it appears that Cartoon Network regrets ever having greenlit this series in the first place. How else do you explain them removing this series from their website entirely? And I’m not kidding about the entirely part.

Regular Show: The Cartoon Network Removal Details?

Regular Show key visual.
Not so regular now, isn’t it?

The Cartoon Base on Twitter has just revealed some rather depressing news about Regular Show. It seems that Cartoon Network has decided that they don’t need this animated dark comedy sitcom by J. G. Quintel (Close Enough) anymore, and have removed it from their website entirely. I mean it. If you go to their website and search for the series, you’ll find not a single search option coming up.

So why have Cartoon Network removed Regular Show from their website? Unfortunately, Cartoon Network themselves offer no explanation of any kind for this removal. It seems that they want to keep this quiet to avoid any notice or backlash. However, you may have noticed that other streaming platforms (HBO Max notoriously) have removed series and films like Infinity Train from their streaming catalog entirely, also without any official explanation. The creator of Infinity Train on CBR has mentioned that it was about saving money somehow, but that’s the extent of what we know.

A shame too, since it does seem pretty funny.

Fortunately, there’s still hope. Regular Show is still available to stream on HBO Max (ironically) and Hulu. So if you want to watch this dark animated sitcom, then you can head over to those streaming platforms. Alas though, both HBO Max and Hulu require you to pay a subscription to watch anything on either one. So if you want to watch this series, then be prepared to shell out some cash.

Source: The Cartoon Base