Well, it looks like we are getting that Army of the Dead anime spinoff for sure. We just have to hold on for just a bit longer.

Army of the Dead poster.
Hmm, glitzy.

Just 2 days ago on July 21, 2022; The Hollywood Reporter reported that the anime spinoff of Army of the Dead will see a Spring 2022 release. That particular report doesn’t actually mention the anime’s title though. That honor goes to Screen Rant, who revealed that this anime will be called Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas. Punny, very punny. To the Pungeon with whoever came up with that title!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a more specific release date for Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas than that. Nor do we really have any other information about this anime spinoff. We will have to just wait for more info at a later date.

Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas ~ Details?

Army of the Dead screenshot.
Now imagine the scene in the same greyed out style, but in anime form.

There is actually not a whole lot of information about Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas out there, leaving aside that release date I just mentioned. We don’t know how long this anime series will run. We don’t know who the production company in charge of animation will be. There is no voice cast for you out there to examine. Heck, we don’t even have any images from the anime itself to show you guys. There is just no information out there about this anime spinoff yet at the time of this writing.

All we really know is that Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas will debut on Netflix, and that the show will be a horror anime. Otherwise, that is pretty much it. We will just have to wait for more info later.


The Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas anime just got a Spring 2022 release date for Netflix. Unfortunately, that is all the news we have for you today. We will just have to see on that date if this horror anime spin-off series is as good as the hype surrounding it makes it out to be. At the very least, I think we all hope that it is better than the original film.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter, Screen Rant