So far the HBOMax reboot, Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin has not disappointed or slowed down. So with the final 3 episodes dropping at once, I wasn’t sure if we’d finally get a filler episode or if it would keep going full throttle. Let me tell you…I wasn’t ready! So, let’s dive into Chapter 8 – Bad Blood! 


Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Chapter 8, Bad Blood

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin Chapter 8 – Bad Blood picks up where left off in Chapter 7 after the girls receive the dead Tyler text from A. Now, they’re just trying to figure out WTF to do. Do they call the cops? Do they tell their parents? Who is the 6th signature in the Asylum log book? Where is Rose? So. Many. Questions!

Imogen and Tabitha also share their assault stories with the girls because they have a plan. There is a blood drive going on at the school. So, if they can get blood samples – DNA samples – they can narrow down the suspect because of Imogen’s baby. 

Then, Imogen and Tabitha are also heading to go meet Crazy Joe again to ask him questions about their findings in Rosewood. Crazy Train Car Joe is not happy to see them. Joe warns them to quit digging or it would be bad for them. After those threats, Imogen decides it’s a better idea to look through her mom’s senior yearbook and compare the handwriting to the sixth A Waters signature.


Every episode gives us more information about the mean girls’ pack that the moms created in the 90s. Bad Blood gives us Sydney’s, Tabitha’s mother, story. A sends Sydney a package with the book The Scarlet Letter that the sign-out paper had A Water written all down it. The book also had a note that read, “Silence Kills.” 

FLASHBACK to 1999. We learn that Sydney knew about Angela Waters’s assault and did absolutely nothing. 


The moms get together and Sydney lets them know that the girls are still digging into the Angela Waters thing. So, now they task Sydney with finding out exactly how much they know. Mouse’s mother suggests snooping, which I think is hilarious given what Mouse is up to. 

Back at home, Sydney has a flashback memory to the night Tabitha came home after her assault. While, at this point, she doesn’t know what happened she can tell something is off – and something is familiar. So, she decides to look through Tabitha’s room and finds the laptop with the videos of the boys in the locker room. They have a huge confrontation about it, but Sydney still doesn’t understand what’s going on. 

Tyler’s father also shows up at Sydney’s home wanting to speak with Tabitha about Tyler’s disappearance. After kicking him out, Sydney finally asks her daughter the questions she’s been tip-toeing around and Tabitha shares her story. 


Faran doesn’t have a huge storyline in this episode which is fine. She has a huge one last week and she needs a breather. At this point, Faran is overdoing her PT in hopes of being able to speed up her recovery. However, that’s just not how these things work and her dance teacher shuts her down letting her know she’s done until next year.

Kelly’s life just continues to get sadder. She comes home to her drunk father sitting at a table scolding her for coming home late. But he doesn’t stop there. After berating her about her whereabouts, Kelly finally lashes back asking him where he’s been. Then we get a flash of the father hooking up with a man in an alleyway. Kelly leaves her own in tears, runs to Greg, and they hook up in his car while she asks him to call her Karen.


Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Chapter 8, Bad Blood

Mouse is begging her mothers to work out their fight that has them currently separated, but they’re unsure. She then asks about her father and her mother refuses to tell her anything about him. So, Mouse goes on a hunt for her birth certificate learning that her dad’s name is Aaron Stevens. So, what does she do? She puts on a Girl Scout uniform and heads to his house with cookies. First of all, cookie season is not November, but I digress. 

A little girl answers the door, then a woman. Mouse asks for Aaron and when he comes to the door what happens next isn’t the dream she was hoping for. Aaron is rightfully upset about Mouse just showing up and asks her to leave as politely as he can. So of course, Mouse continues to make GREAT decisions and contacts Steve. 

Mouse’s boyfriend Ash is confirmed as tran. We knew he was part of the rainbow club at school. However, it was never confirmed as to why. Jordan Gonzalez, who plays Ash, is a trans actor, but it was possible they were letting him be an Ally. Nope. 


Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Chapter 8, Bad Blood

Because of the DNA Blood Drive plot, Noa enlists her mother for help. She lets her know about Imogen and Tabitha’s assault and she’s more than happy to break the law and help. 

Noa, who loves to run her mouth like everyone isn’t a suspect, talks to her boyfriend Shawn about getting all the football players to donate. He said none of them will because they’re all doping. Later that day, she sees the jocks doing a drug deal in the hallway and now she’s suspicious of Shawn.

So, at Thanksgiving, Noa excuses herself and goes to search Shawn’s gym bag. What does she find? The blue pills.


Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Chapter 8, Bad Blood

As we know, for Tabitha’s school assignment she wants to do one about assault revenge. However, her teacher isn’t here for it and asks her to get her mother to sign a permission slip for it. Of course, Sydney signs with zero hesitation. His plan failing, the teacher takes it up to the Principle who shuts it down. 

Disappointed, Tabitha is venting to Wes at the movie theater and he actually gives her some really great advice: make two movies. Then, Tabitha gets the same text as her mother, “Silence kills”


Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Chapter 8, Bad Blood

All the girls are now working the Blood Drive and collecting DNA samples by putting cotton balls into the SAME TRASH CAN. And since the Jocks review to give blood, the other girls are “collecting samples” from the locker room hoping to get DNA from clumps of hair, razors, and mouth guards. I’m not a biologist, but I don’t think this is about DNA works.

Imogen is apparently a hacker now. While the girls are collecting data, she breaks into the Nurse’s computer finding 20+year old records getting the Waters’s house address. 

Now the waiting game. Noa’s mother tells the girls they have to wait two weeks for the results. So, what do they do? Head to a club to dance it out! Why this just wasn’t an 18 and under club I will never understand, but that’s here nor there.


Imogen goes to see Kelly. In order for her DNA plan to work she needs her help. So, she shares her assault story with Kelly and she’s in. All the girls will now be working as blood drive volunteers. 

Imogen’s Thanksgiving tradition is to work at the soup kitchen. Chip follows along since there dating now…and for no other suspicious reason…I still don’t trust him! Anyway. While there, Imogen has a flashback of a time when she and her mother were there. Davie saw a woman and went to talk to her. It did not go well. Imogen realizes that has to be Rose! This means Rose is still living somewhere in Millwood.

So, Imogen decides to go to the Waters’ house alone. This place is a HORROR SHOW. Not only is the house dilapidated, but there’s a cage in one of the rooms, ropes on the bed, and she finds A’s wig hanging on the wall. Then someone comes home – it’s Crazy Joe holding a bunch of groceries. Joe then chases Imogen around the house with a knife! While hiding in a room she sees a desiccated body on a bed, screams, hits Joe over the head with a vase, and runs out of the house! Imogen has high blood pressure and now I do too!


After Crazy Joe tried to attack her and she escapes. Imogen calls the girls together and tells them her story. They are all now convinced that Joe is A. Noa wants to confront him because they’re 5 against 1. I just LOVE his scrappy girl. So, they all go to the Waters’ house and Joe is not there…and neither is Rose’s body. So, they head to his train car with knives and find Joe has un-alived himself with a note – “Angela Waters did not die in vain”

Turns out, Joe has had Davie’s senior yearbook this entire time. When the girls open it you can see every mom has their face crossed out! Imogen confirms that Joe is the mystery 6th signature on the Asylum log book, they’re confident he’s A, and they all take a breath.

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – Chapter 8, Bad Blood – REVIEW

With 2 episodes to go, Imogen asks the girls a great question – “Could it really be that simple?”. As a horror fan, I’m with Tabitha – “It never is.” 

Bad Blood has done a GREAT job of tying up a lot of loose ends while setting up our final two episodes for success. We’ve ended the mystery of where is Rose, as well as getting rid of Crazy Joe. So, with the DNA out to be tested at the lab, it’s time to find out what the momes really did, who A actually is, and who’s walking around Millwood assaulting women.