(Spoilers for The Super Mario Bros. Movie are ahead.) I am going to be vulnerable and disclose that out of five stars, I give five to The Super Mario Bros. Movie. The heart of the story is beautiful, the film has funny moments, and its commentaries regarding feminism and reality are appreciated.

Below are nine takeaways from the film. The takeaways are listed from most to least favorite.

Mario and Luigi in The Super Mario Bros. Movie (image credit: Universal/Illumination)

1. Powering Up & Hormones

I got chills when seeing Mario (Chris Pratt) power up for the first time after eating a mushroom. That’s because I related to it so deeply from the perspective of changing my body. Transgender individuals like me are taking hormones to better align our bodies with our souls. Both Mario and transgender folks are taking a consumable to change their body.

2. Mario & Luigi’s Relationship

Mario and Luigi’s (Charlie Day) relationship is the heart of the film’s story. It was well-executed. And in the process, the audience saw how sweet the relationship is between the two brothers. They care at their core for each other.

3. A Kid Who Gets Real?

A child Luma star in The Super Mario Bros. Movie (image credit: Universal)

A child in the film that is a Luma star says depressing yet not-necessarily-untrue things. Things that have so many good points. He may even be right about aspects of reality. I recall even a specific thing he said. (He said that the audience was headed out of the film and into an “infinite void.”)

At the least, what he says is funny.

4. Yoshi And Memories

Since I was called Yoshi as a teenager, I was really looking forward to seeing him. I am happy to say that we do. Kind of.

5. Bowser’s Obsession With Peach And Aromanticism

Bowser (Jack Black) has romantic feelings for Princess Peach (Anya Taylor-Joy). Aromantic individuals like myself don’t get that sort of thing. However, I recognize that isn’t usual – that most people develop romantic feelings. And thus, they relate with characters who have romantic feelings.

6. Princess Peach

Princess Peach in The Super Mario Bros. Movie (image credit: Universal)

Peach isn’t like a 1950s Disney princess. At very first, the film made it look like she would fall in love with Mario at first sight. However, she certainly didn’t and seems empowered. An example of that is when Mario seeks her approval for something he hadn’t deserved yet, and she held her ground. She also comments on his small stature. It was rude but certainly shows that she is more Princess Leia than 1950 and 2015 Disney Cinderella.

7. Parts That Regarded Mario Games

The film paid homage to well-known aspects of Mario video games. It was fun for folks like me who remember playing such games. And the scenes that pay homage work well enough with the story.

8. Several Funny Moments

Screenwriter Matthew Fogel made sure not to let the film go without funny parts, which gave it levity.

9. A Unique Joke

The film featured a joke about Pratt and Day’s voices as their characters, commenting particularly on their voices and Italian accents. It was as the voices shifted from Italian accents (in a commercial within the film) to American-sounding voices.

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