Spy x Family Ch. 82 continues the clash between WISE and SSS over some extremely valuable intel. The stakes are even higher this time, with even Operation Strix on the line. What will Loid do to keep his happy life with his new family? Well, we’ll be seeing that in this chapter.

Spy x Family Ch. 82: Details

Spy x Family Ch. 71.1 special illustration.
The perfect illustration for this arc. I’m just disappointed that Shonen Jump didn’t use it as such.

Spy x Family Ch. 82 is the latest chapter of this action-packed arc (you can read a review of Part 1 here) of the action spy comedy manga series by Tatsuya Endo. Casey Loe once more returns as the translator, with Rina Mapa also making a return as the letterer. Shueisha originally published this manga in Japan under their Jump Comics+ imprint in their magazine Shōnen Jump+. Viz Media is the company publishing this manga in the NA region.

Spy x Family Ch. 82 made its debut on June 11, 2023. You can read this chapter for free on Shonen Jump at Viz Media. Note that this chapter will remain free for 2 chapter releases after this one. Upon the release of the third chapter, Ch. 82 will go into the Shonen Jump vault. Once there, you’ll need a paid Shonen Jump subscription in order to read it and all previous chapters.

On a side note: an anime adaptation of Spy x Family premiered on April 9, 2022, and is currently ongoing as of this writing. In fact, season 2 of the anime will premiere sometime in October 2023. You can watch all currently available episodes of the anime on Crunchyroll or Hulu.

Warning: spoilers for Spy x Family Ch. 82 below. If you want to see just how far Loid would go to protect his new family for yourself, then stop here and come back once the shooting is over and the blood splattering begins.

Spy x Family Ch. 82: Plot Summary

Spy x Family anime screenshot depicting Loid engaging someone with his suppressed pistol.
The return of secret agent Loid gets more and more dramatic every time.

Spy x Family Ch. 82 picks up directly from where we last left off from the previous chapter, although not without a very brief glimpse at the various WISE agents wondering if something had gone wrong since “Wheeler” hasn’t shown up yet. Meanwhile, “Wheeler” is meeting with a scar-faced SSS agent, ready to hand over the intel. Only, as it turns out, “Wheeler” is actually Loid in disguise…and the SSS knows it. Apparently, the exact details of what the SSS were using to identify “Wheeler” as the genuine article was actually a trap, with the color of the gemstone tiepin actually being a detail meant to help identify which one of the SSS agents and workers was a mole for WISE. While the unfortunate mole suffers an arrest (and likely interrogation and imminent execution), the SSS surround Loid, ready to capture him.

Fortunately, Loid knew this was indeed a trap, and knowingly walked into it in order to buy as much time as possible for the rest of the WISE team to capture the real “Wheeler”. Thus, Loid came very well-prepared for this trap. A simple toe wiggle sets off explosives he’d planted in a nearby fountain before the SSS een arrived, giving Loid an opening to escape with a submachine gun hidden in his briefcase along with hidden snares near some trees. Loid even somehow manages to disguise himself as Yuri Briar on the fly to throw off his pursuers, Alas, now Loid has a problem: the real Yuri Briar.

Yuri Vs. Yuri?!

Spy x Family anime screenshot depicting a drunken, ourtraged Yuri; with a touched Yor in the backgound.
He is outraged that there could be more than one of him going after Yor.

Yuri investigates the commotion, and quickly discovers his own footprints despite him only being in the area for the first time just now. Thus, he deduces that Twilight (AKA: Loid) must’ve disguised himself as Yuri, and guesses that he probably fled into the sewers. After informing his comrades and superiors about his guesses, he heads into the sewers himself to pursue Twilight.

Unfortunately, Yuri finds Twilight at the same time Twilight finds him, with both of them madly trying to bring their pistols (hilariously, they’re of the same model too) to bear on each other. There’s a gunshot, and nothing more. Well, nothing more besides Yor breaking a dish and cutting herself trying to clean the shards up. She gets a bad feeling from that. Will this bad feeling be borne out? Well, we’ll just have to find out in the next chapter of Spy x Family.

Spy x Family Ch. 82: The Good

Spy x Family anime screenshot depicting Loid looking very displeased.
Well, good for us. Not good for Loid.

Spy x Family Ch. 82, along with the previous chapter, reminds us that this manga is in fact a pseudo-Cold War-era spy action-drama story. That’s definitely a good thing, in my opinion. The spy action here make this chapter feel like a James Bond film, but with a main character who’s definitely far more likable than the various James Bonds. I would even go so far as to say that Twilight/Loid is far more skilled than James Bond too. Seriously, could James Bond perfectly disguise himself as a SSS agent in a moment’s notice? I don’t think so.

That said, Spy x Family Ch. 82 isn’t entirely dark action and drama. There’s also an interesting amount of comedy mixed in with the action. Tatsuya Endo’s comedy is pure gold, and he really shows us that by skillfully mixing it into the action of this chapter without making it feel out of place. It seems that while he might not like his own comedy, he’s pretty good at it.

Spy x Family Ch. 82: The Bad

Spy x Family anime screenshot depicting Yuri looking very displeased as he's interrogating a suspect.
Yuri is considering arresting you for suspected subservice activity in the criticism department.

My only criticism of Spy x Family Ch. 82 is that it left off on a bit of a cliffhanger. Blood-splattered cliffhangers are a bit bad, in my opinion. Fortunately, the next chapter is already up on Shonen Jump, and just awaiting my review of it, so it’s all good.