Finally, we get another UNLIMITED “spin-off” in the Boom Studiods massive Power Rangers universe! Drakkon has made it back home using the tech from the main line story using Master Arch at Safehaven.

There is a lot LESS in the world on the Coinless

So this story takes place in “real-time” so sometime after the events of DRAKKON NEW DAWN. Drakkon with the EX-Blue Omega Ranger Kiya travel to a ravaged world ruled by Kimberly Hart The Ranger Slayer. The world is barren as a dark force had taken over the land. Drakkon and his pompous ego are poorly trying to show off to Kiya. But what is there to show off? an empty shell of an empire he used to have.

Seems that a new army of creatures has sieged the once glorious city. Kiya is getting frustrated with the defeated ruler, wanting a weapon to defend herself. they start a scuffle. Making such a ruckus they gain a “crowd”

There are these lava-type creatures that start attacking. As Kiya and Drakkon get overwhelmed an unlikely duo of frenemy of fighters save the day, Trini and Scorpina. The Ranger Slayer shows up on the scene dispatching the rest of the horde.

A Conundrum About Coins

Drakkon wants to make a new team of Rangers but sadly he cant use JUST his white coin in the diffuser to make Trini, Scorpina, Kiya, and even this universe’s Farkas Bulkmeyer into Rangers. They suggest using both the white and green coins, he refuses but they need more coins! The only place to get them is at the top of Drakkons Tower, with loft apartment.

Having stealthfully ascended the tower, the coins are being safeguarded by a grizzled and short-tempered Jason, whom we last saw in his “Iron Ranger” suit. Kimberly convinces him to hand them over but they are still one short. Trini comes clean and pulls out the Triceratops Power coins that Billy gave to her before he died.

Using the power of Finster-5’s patchworked diffuser, Drakkon now has his own team of Rangers with a new aesthetic that fits in line with the rangers slayer. Drakkon is now using the Green Coin exclusively the design is still over the top. But that what you can expect by now with his character. Secondly there is no scorch from The Impryeals either.

Friends Hidden in the Darkness

A side story is about Skull and what im going to assume is Zach. Bulk has been keeping Skull locked up hoping they find a cure for the Dark Specter influence. there is also another figure who is much more intelligent and he has a very obvious diamond design in his chest. After using Zach to cut into Kimberly’s emotions and memories and the few things he said. It’s right in front of your face.

bulk on the other and is trying to support his best friend by telling him stories and his exploits. DUDE is over-excited getting to morph for the first time. But something makes Skull breaks loose and we see the shadow of Dark Spector

And that COULD lead to another story

Thoughts from THE GRID

Solid Story! this honestly could even be an idea or “backdoor pilot” as long as they stay in this universe. The new Rangers designs really play on the Mad Max Anti-Ranger vibe. Having the empty or blacked-out center diamond conveyed the fact that this team wasn’t chosen to be FULL RANGERS.

Not kidding this has the potential to go to a second or third issue! These Unlimited series’ have the silly idea of having to put a #1 on the cover. Just add the title, but I wouldn’t mind in the least to see issue 2 come out of this.

The secondary story with Skull and Bulk is another plot point that can lend to evolving this story out into a mini-series or full-blown run!

Adam Cesare’s second time writing Ranger is a homerun! Much like how Drakkon got booted out into space lol!

Would we go as far as zords and such, thats a whole different discussion. But till then go out and get this in your long boxes NOW!

Covers that will keep your pockets COINLESS

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