To everyone’s surprise, the Walmart line of DC comics have not only been selling like hot-cakes, but also have some real quality to them. The current Walmart Superman Giants are even the best, if not more controversial, Superman book out right now, in my opinion- beating Bendis’s regular DC Superman line.

So what’s a mega-super-Store-conglomerate to do with success?  Step it up with toys!  Today, Walmart and DC have announced the next way to piss “real” comic stores off by selling collectable Batman: Black and White 4″ mini-figures. Each “toy” is directly mocked from the original 9” scale statues that were first released in 2005.

Walmart intends on rolling these figures out as $5 Blind Bags (a sure fire way of separating any fan from their hard earned/borrowed cash) next to the DC Giant comics line (hidden next to the registers).

Six new figures will drop every other month, see below for a complete list.

Wave 1- February 2019:
• Batman by Amanda Connor
• Batman by Darwyn Cooke
• Batman by Jason Fabok
• Batman by Patrick Gleason
• Batman by Frank Quitely
• Batman by Dick Sprang

Wave 2- April 2019:
• Harley Quinn by Bruce Timm
• Robin by Frank Quitely
• Batman by Mike Allred
• Batman by John Romita Jr.
• Batman by Gary Frank
• Batman by Eduardo Risso

Wave 3- June 2019
• The Joker by Jim Lee
• Batman by Dustin Nguyen
• Batman by Mike Mignola
• Batman by Sean “Cheeks” Galloway
• Batman from Batman: Arkham Asylum
• Batman by Jim Lee

Wave 4- August 2019
• Penguin by Brian Bolland
• Robin by Carmine Infantino
• Batman by Carmine Infantino
• Batman by Chris Uminga
• Batman by Jae Lee
• Batman by Brian Bolland

But wait, DC and Walmart are actually throwing comic stores bone on this one. If you want to bypass the whole buying 40 Blind Bags just to get one stinking figure to complete your collection process, you can go to participating comic stores and get the box set in May! And that’s not all!  These sets will feature an EXCLUSIVE 7th figure you can only get with the set!  It’s like DC/Walmart aren’t inviting Comics Book Stores in from the rain, but handing them a 4month old umbrella. Just close enough to fair to be fair, ya know!