Despite both Elemental and The Flash failing to make a substantial impact at the Box Office, The Flash still managed to nab the 1st place spot at the box office this weekend.

The Flash Has A Failure To Launch At The Box Office

As per Box Office Mojo, The Flash debuted at $55 million over the weekend at the box office. It is expected to rake in $9 million over Monday, securing $64 million over the Juneteenth long weekend. This is well below the reported $75 million expectations that Warner Bros. Discovery had for the movie. Undoubtedly there will be plenty of introspection as to why and how the movie failed. The fact that Ezra Miller was limited in press engagements, and other members of the cast were unavailable to do press, mixed with mixed reviews of the movie certainly doesn’t help.

In our review of the movie, the reviewer Hunter Bolding said:

Everyone has a mom and dad, and The Flash takes that to heart. I don’t know what to tell you if you don’t feel something watching this movie. That’s really what separates The Flash. It’s inventive, fun, and takes some big swings with the plot. Those swings all connect in a dramatic way, making for one of the best DC movies ever.

The Flash Box Office

Elemental Can’t Ignite Audience Attention At The Box Office

Elemental also failed to make a significant impact at the box office, with the movie only making $29.5 million over the weekend. Even with it projected to make $33 million by the end of the long weekend, it’s still well below expectations for a Disney and Pixar film. This also is well below the performance of the last Pixar movie to hit theatres, Lightyear, which made $50 million on its opening weekend. Elemental made a lukewarm debut at the Cannes Film Festival; the film never really seemed to pick up major positive buzz after the fact. Although it could still find a second home on Disney+ once it debuts on the service.

In our review of the movie, reviewer Jessica Lancaster said:

Overall, I would say Elemental ranks somewhere in the middle when it comes to what Pixar has to offer. The studio has delivered plenty of features loaded with both laughs and great emotional depth; though Elemental brings a bit of both, it doesn’t really make it to “top tier” Pixar status. It lacks the subtlety and nuance of the Pixar greats.

Still, though the story doesn’t deliver quite at the level I’d like it to, the visuals and world of Element City make Elemental worth a watch. It may not be my favorite trip, but a day in Element City is one you can enjoy.

Elemental Box Office

Rounding out the Top 5 at the box office: Spider-Man: Across The Spiderverse placed in 3rd, taking in $27.8 million. Transformers: Rise of the Beasts placed 4th with $20 million. Finally, The Little Mermaid placed 5th, bringing in $11 million.

Next weekend sees the release of No Hard Feelings, which is projected to open to $10 million. Still, with the box office with these low numbers, it could still land in the first place spot. Especially if this week provides some potential word of mouth. That could help put it in the 1st place spot. It’ll be interesting to see how next weekend’s box office plays out.

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