Fatal Attraction is one of my favorite thrillers of the 80s. The movie stars Michael Douglas as Dan Gallagher and Glenn Close as Alex Forrest who have an affair. In typical 80s movie fashion, the man has the weakest excuse for cheating, and the woman is portrayed as a psychopath. That aside, the movie is a great character study that is shot impeccably well and is fun to watch. 

One of my biggest gripes about the film is that Dan Gallagher is portrayed as some sort of hero. He is never held accountable for his part in the entire ordeal. So, my hope for the series is that they remedy this…and they do!


In this updated version of Fatal Attraction, Joshua Jackson (Dr. Death) is our new Dan Gallagher, and Lizzy Caplan (The People We Hate At The Wedding) is our new Alex Forrest. The series begins at Dan’s parole hearing. At the end of the original film, (spoiler alert) Dan shoots and kills Alex in his home. So, the series picks up years after the original incident.

However, through flashbacks and multiple perspectives, we are able to see what happened between Dan and Alex that led them here. In the trailer, we see Dan tell his grown daughter that the didn’t kill Alex and that he’s going to prove it. This change is HUGE. However, it has the original writer’s blessing seeing as James Dearden helped write a few episodes of the drama series.

Something else I really enjoy about the Fatal Attraction series is the fleshing out of all the characters. In the film, Dan’s wife Beth is just that…his wife. We never understand their relationship or why Dan would want to cheat (other than their child sleeping in their bed). In the series, Amanda Peet (Dirty John) takes on the role. Getting to know her and Dan together makes you even more upset that he cheats because they make you fall in love with her, and you can see how much she loves her husband and their family.

As far as Alex in the film, you don’t ever really understand her motives. So, it’s really difficult to empathize, and in a way makes her more one-dimensional. However, in the series, we can see her spiral and personal struggles so that you can almost understand where she’s coming from. While no one can ever replace Glenn Close’s portrayal in Fatal Attraction, Lizzy Caplan absolutely makes her, her own. You find yourself understanding her motives more, and almost feel bad for her.

Joshua Jackson is an absolute DELIGHT as Dan! I mean, there was never any doubt in my mind and I love seeing him on my TV Screen. He makes Dan equally likable as he is punchable. 


My only gripe about the series is that no matter which version of Fatal Attraction you watch the wife is always done dirty. Justice for Beth Gallagher! Justice for Amanda Peet! Otherwise, this series is a 10/10 for me. Well, done. Give them all the awards.

Fatal Attraction is an 8-part drama series coming to Paramount+ on April 30, 2023! Watch it!