The news of the possible Twilight TV Reboot has got my brain churning again. Back in 2020, when started our What the Forks?! A Twilight Book Club podcast we asked ourselves that very same question. If a reboot were to happen, who would play the title characters?

Well, that list is very old now. So, of course, we had to come up with a new one. It’s been 3 years, we have all sorts of new faces! So, let’s dive in.


When it comes to the Cullen family in the Twilight films we felt they mostly did a great job as far as how they were described in the books. However, there are zero reasons why there couldn’t be more diversity throughout this clan. They’re all from different walks of life, different cultures, and backgrounds. We also don’t have the backstory on the majority of them. So, it’s time to shake it up.


The Patriarch of the family was portrayed by Peter Facinelli. He fought tooth and nail to get that job, and he’s fantastic in it. According to the book, Carlisle was turned when he was 23 years old. Now, I understand that was middle-aged in the 1600s. However, if he’s supposed to be a passable doctor and father aging him up is a given. Especially if this Twilight series is going to have The Vampire Diaries longevity.

So, I have a couple of options here. I think Mark-Paul Gosselaar would be a great choice for Carlisle in a Twilight TV Reboot! He portrays the kind, supportive father figures incredibly well. Then, speaking of The Vampire Diaries, Paul Wesley could make his return to the Vampire world as basically an adult Stefan in another universe.

If we need to go younger, I’d toss out Theo James (The Time Traveler’s Wife), or even Richard Madden (Game of Thrones). He’s got that Henry Cavill swag that Stephanie Meyer originally wanted for Edward and Carlisle in the Twilight Films.


Esme is so nondescript in Twilight it kills me. Her physical appearance is wildly unimportant, but what is her personality description: “She’s as intelligent as her husband, and a very kind and gentle person.” Carlisle turned her into a vampire back in 1921 at the age of 26 after a suicide attempt. I think he did this because he knew her since she was 16 when he treated her broken leg.

If we were to cast the older end of the spectrum, I’d love to see Tika Sumpter (Mixed-ish) reunite with Mark-Paul as the parental figures of the Cullen Clan. Also, think Rashida Jones (Black-AF) would be a fantastic Esme! However, if we want to go slightly younger with the eternal youth vibe, I would say they should take a look at casting Chloe Bennet (Agents of S.H.E.I.L.D.), Victoria Pedretti (You) or Olivia Cooke (House of the Dragon).



Rosalie has one of my FAVORITE backstories of all time. It’s equally heartbreaking as it is an incredible revenge plot. Rosalie was turned in 1933 at the age of 19 years old. She was the pretty woman in Rochester, NY. She’s tall, statuesque, and absolutely stunning. However, she was raped and mutilated by her fiance and his friends and left for dead. Carlisle saved her. So, after being turned, she got her revenge by killing them one by one, saving her fiance for last. She killed him in her wedding dress.

Rosalie is complicated, to say the least. So need someone turn-of-the-century stunning, as well as vicious. So, my top choices are Euphoria’s Sydney Sweeny, as well as Dove Cameron (Schmigadoon), Nathalie Emmanuel (The Invitation) who already has vampire experience, and Riverdale’s Vanessa Morgan.


When it comes to her bear-fighting companion, Emmett, Kellan Lutz (FBI: Most Wanted) absolutely bodied the character. Emmett is straight-up himbo energy. He was saved by Rosalie after fighting off a bear attack in 1933. I need to see their love story unfold. Was Rosalie already infatuated? Did she follow him around and see the bear attack, or is it random love at first sight? Either way, the only actor I can think of that can match that type of energy is Noah Centineo (The Recruit). I will accept no other suggestions at this time.



My favorite couple out of the Twilight Family has to be Alice and Jasper. I understand Jasper’s backstory is very controversial. He fought for the South in the Civil War and worked his way up the ranks. However, we don’t know how he got there or why. Was he part of a plantation-owning family? Was he from a poor family and had no choice, but to join the military to help provide and have 3 meals a day? The options are limitless.

All we know is his real last name is Whitlock and he’s from Houston, Texas. We know he was turned by a Mexican woman named, Maria who was starting her own Vampire Army. Since he can feel human, and supernatural emotions alike, in the 1940s he grew tired of killing and ran away from Maria and the coven. In 1948 he meets Alice and the rest is history.

Since there’s so much mystery surrounding Jasper and his backstory you could easily go a few ways with it. 20,000 Mexican soldiers fought in the Civil War split up amongst both sides of the fight. Since Jasper is from Texas it would be an interesting take to make him Mexican. If that were to be the case I would love to see Cobra Kai’s Xolo Mariduena, Cruel Summer‘s Froy Gutierrez, or even Jason Genao from On My Block.


As for Alice, the only thing I care about is she has a Pixie haircut and a bubbly personality that masks her deep-rooted trauma. Alice was born in 1901. Her family had her committed to an asylum at 19 because she is a psychic. An unknown vampire turned her in order to save her from James, who we meet at the end of Twilight. Since Alice was born in the Americas at the turn of the century you could go so many directions! Were her parent’s immigrants?! She could be from anywhere.

So, the first person who comes to play Alice is Lana Condor of the To All The Boys series. I also think Logan Browning (Dear White People) has that fairy pixie look, and great acting chops. Kiernan Shipka (The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina) would also be fun choice. I would also love to see Amandla Stenberg (Bodies Bodies Bodies), Sarah Yarkin (School Spirits), and Momona Tamada (Avatar: The Last Airbender) give it a shot.


When it comes to the iconic trio of Bella, Jacob, and Edward this gets tough. Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, and Taylor Lautner were ripped right from my brain. They’re exactly who I imagined. I think it would be smart of the TV Show to grab some unknowns and surround them with more established actors as they did in the films. However, that might not be the case and I’d like to point the producers and casting directors in the right direction.


I’m gonna start with Edward. He was born in Chicago in 1901. However, in 1918 his family was taken by the Spanish Influenza, and Carlisle turned Edward into a vampire at the request of his mother to do everything in his power to save him. Edward is described as tall and strikingly beautiful. The word “Adonis” is said by Bella. So, what does a teenage adonis look like?

If you watch Cobra Kai, Tanner Buchanan comes to mind. He’s incredibly handsome, charming, and fit. He gives off that early 1900s vibe that the character needs as well. Shazam’s Asher Angel would also be a fantastic choice!


Taylor Lautner had all of us fooled into thinking he was of Native American descent. Nope, just a super tan white boy. So, this time around they should definitely look into fixing that. I would love to use Boo Boo Stewart, but he’s a little too old now. Then the fact that most television representation is on Reservation Dogs or Rutherford Falls is sad. However, those kids are fantastic actors. I’d love to see D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai tackle the role or even Dalton Cramer.


There are only a handful of young actresses that come to mind when I think of someone else tackling Bella Swan’s shoes. 13 Reason’s Why‘s Katherine Langford springs to mind immediately. My only worry is she may be too old now to portray 17, but…I’d toss her up to the Rosalie list.

I love the idea of Mackenzie Foy (Twilight: Breaking Dawn) returning to the Twilight franchise as Bella. I also think Sadie Sink (The Whale) would be a fantastic choice.

So, what do you think of our list? Who would you like to see take on these iconic roles? Comment below and let us know!