It’s almost time, Twi-hards! Midnight Sun – the companion novel to the New York Times Best-Selling Novel Twilight – will be here faster than Edward Cullen can run through the woods to the meadow and show Bella his dazzling goodness. I mean his chest you filthy animals.

Midnight Sun

Midnight Sun is the companion novel to the first book of the series, Twilight. The twist, however, is that the entire events happening in Twilight will now be told from Edwards perspective. If you remember, this is the same book that had pages “leaked” a decade ago during the filming of the Twilight movies. Stephanie Meyer had said she would never finish the book, but over a decade later and here we are. Thanks girl for not keeping that promise.

Does Midnight Sun Bring Back Twilight Fever?

Midnight Sun

The announcement for the release of Midnight Sun has brought a resurgence to the Twilight fandom and I am here for it! #Twilight was trending on Twitter. Amazon Prime has released all 4 Extended Versions of the Twilight Saga films. Even Stephanie Meyers isn’t sitting this one out. On her website, you can find daily quotes from the upcoming novel, as well as Music Mondays where Stephanie chooses a weekly song that will eventually turn into an epic playlist to go along with your reading. If you’re an OG Twi-hard you’ll remember her reading playlists were just as epic as the film soundtracks.

All of this unabashed Twilight talk amongst fans has them discussing the possibility of a Twilight reboot, whether it’s a new film or even a Television Show reboot! Well, our friends over at Smells Like Teen Angst are no different. As HUGE Twi-Hards, the team over at What the Forks?! A Twilight Book Club have come up who should play the Cullen Clan for a 2020 Twilight reboot!

What did you think? Did they get the Cullen Clan right? Who do you think should take on the lead roles in a Twilight Saga modern-day reboot? Let us know in the comments!