The Recruit on Netflix was announced at TUDUM, but they were incredibly vague outside of it starring Noah Centineo (Black Adam). Then, right before Thanksgiving, we got so much more with a trailer and first look photos. I’m a huge fan of shows like The Rookie, Castle, as well as The Following. So, knowing that Alexi Hawley was behind this series as well, I’m all in.

The Recruit centers around Owen Hendricks (Centineo). Owen is fresh from law school and is now a CIA lawyer. While the job wasn’t meant to be easy, Owen never saw it like this. After he was assigned a lump of Grey Mail threats to vet it turns out one of them was actually a huge threat. Meet Max Meladze (Laura Haddock), a former CIA operative who threatens to reveal our country’s secrets if not released from prison. So now, Owen has to figure out how to navigate the world of the CIA and keep the operative from spilling everything, all while trying to balance his own life and stay alive.


This series lived up to all my expectations and then some. I absolutely love Owen’s character and the fish-out-of-water scenarios he has to deal with. This way the audience gets to figure out the ride with him. We get to be kept on our toes and nervous for our lead character as he navigates this crazy landscape. Noah Centineo is perfect in this role. He walks the fine line between arrogance and confidence that Owen needs while allowing his natural charm to come through.

Centineo is surrounded by an incredible cast of actors that help sell this wild world. Laura Haddock as Max makes you empathize with a killer. Somehow she manipulates you while also controlling Owen, and you want nothing but to root for her. That’s not easy to do.

Rounding out the rest of the supporting cast of The Recruit are Fivel Stewart (Atypical) and Daniel Quincy Annoh as Owen’s roommates. They help keep the story grounded while Stewart gives us the will they/won’t they push and pull. Colton Dunn (Superstore) and Aarti Mann (The Big Bang Theory) play two fellow jaded, and cynical CIA Lawyers. While they should be helping Owen, they also plot against him in order to keep themselves ahead.

All these different levels of life and characters help keep the series interesting and moving. There are eight 1-hour episodes in season one that somehow never get stale. Every time an episode ends I want to know what’s going to happen next. Get ready to sit on your couch all day and enjoy the ride!