Bodies Bodies Bodies is a new film from A24 and quite possibly one of the best horror/comedies of the last decade.

The film invites you into a world of frienemies, relationships with a lot of shared history, mistrust, and lots of bloody deaths. The story centers around Bee (Maria Bakalova), a Russian immigrant who is dating Sophie (Amandla Stenberg) and is brought to a hurricane party at her super-rich friend, David’s (Pete Davidson), house.

As the night goes on, the storm is brewing outside and the friends decide to play a game – Bodies Bodies Bodies. The game is similar to ones you probably already know: Mafia or Werewolf. However, something goes wrong when one of the friends goes missing and winds up actually dead.


I’m absolutely in love with this film. First of all, the cast is incredible. On top of Davidson (SNL), Bakalova (The Bubble), and Stenberg (The Hunger Games) rounding out the friend group we have Myha’la Herrold (Industry), Chase Sui Wonders (Generation), and newcomer Rachel Sennott. In order to have jokes like these land and characters with this much history, the acting needs to be stellar. And these women carry the entire film.

Lee Pace plays Greg (Captain Marvel), a vet who’s dating the much younger Alice (Sennott). His heir of mystery adds to the tension of the group and the story. Honestly, anyone could’ve played Greg, but casting Pace puts gravity of importance on his character which it needs.

The direction of the Bodies Bodies Bodies is also stellar. The house is huge, the friend group is large, and somehow they do a great job of jumping from room to room, person to person, building tension and confusion for the audience as the characters are on their murder mystery journey.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is tonally on point. Because the writing is totally aware of itself, the jokes are fantastic. At one point you have Alice screaming “You’re silencing me!” while trying to defend the accusations by her peers. By being fully aware of itself, what story it’s telling, who these Gen-Z character are, as well as the murders that are happening the film keep you guessing until the very end. And even then, I was still wrong.

Bodies Bodies Bodies hits theaters on Friday, Aug 5, 2022! Go see it!