EA and Lucasfilm enthralled Star Wars fans this past week with the release of both the intro and gameplay trailers for Star Wars Squadrons. The new, immersive game will allow players to fly some of the most iconic fighter craft in the Star Wars Universe. Its setting however, soon after the fall of the Empire in Return of the Jedi, means that the game is going “old school” when it comes to which fighters you can command. Let’s take a look at the ships of Star Wars Squadrons.

ships of Star Wars Squadrons
The U-Wing joins the Star Wars gaming ranks in Squadrons. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd./EA)

First and foremost we have the old classics. For the New Republic we have the T-65 X-wing. We first saw X-wings, of course, in the original Star Wars in 1977. “The workhorse of the New Republic, the Incom X-wing starfighter is a great all-rounder, packing a good balance of firepower, durability, and maneuverability into its distinctive frame.” Joining the New Republic ships of Star Wars Squadrons are other familiar “faces.” There’s a BTL- Y-wing Bomber and also Alphabet Squadron stalwart RZ-1 A-wing Interceptor. New to Star Wars gaming, however, is the sturdy and trustworthy UT-60D U-wing.

The Ships of Star Wars Squadrons

STar Wars Squadrons
(Image: Lucasfilm Ltd./EA)

In the Imperial hangar you’ll find more familiar fighters. Those include the classic TIE/LN fighter from A New Hope. Also among them is the fan favorite TIE/IN Interceptor and the TIE/SA Bomber. Last up for the Empire, players will get to fly another newcomer to the gaming fleet, the TIE/RP Reaper.

Almost all of these ships of Star Wars Squadrons have seen significant screen time. Most appeared in the feature films, the U-wing (pictured above) being most prominent in Rogue One. Of them the Reaper is probably the least well-known…. Until now. How these two support craft will fare in gameplay remains to be seen.

Ships of Star Wars Squadrons
(Image: Lucasfilm Ltd./EA)

Which of these ships of Star Wars Squadrons are you most excited to fly when the game arrives in October? Can’t decide? Then go in depth with each vehicle at EA’s official “Starships” page of the game’s website HERE.