I am a huge fan of That 70s Show. So, when I heard that Netflix was going to reboot the series, but in the 90s I was skeptical, to say the least. I mean, did you see That 80s Show? That was atrocious.

However, after watching the pilot episode of That 90s Show I found myself back in a world that I missed and loved lead by my favorite characters, Kitty and Red. The premise of the series is actually perfect. Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna’s (Laura Prepon) daughter Leia is going to spend the summer with her grandparents. This allows for fun cameos for us old-timers but also allows the new characters their own space.


My biggest worry after watching the first episode of That 90s Show is that it leans so much on the cameos of the original cast. So, will the rest of the series do the same or will it stand on its own? I’m here to tell you that this series absolutely holds its own and then some. While yes, there are cameos throughout they don’t feel overdone. There are some fun generation reveals, along with typical teenage drama.

Newcomer Callie Haverda as Leia is perfectly cast. She looks like she could 100% be Eric and Donna’s daughter. She has picked up a lot of her father’s awkwardness, but her mother’s brains. Filling out the rest of the friend group are Ashley Aufderheide as Leia’s BFF and neighbor, Gwen. Gwen also has a doofus jock brother, Nate, played by Maxwell Acee Donovan. Then there’s Nate’s super smart girlfriend, Nikki (Sam Morelos). There’s also Jay (Mace Coronel) who is Leia’s big crush, as well as Ozzie (Reyn Doi). Ozzie is this series version of Fez, but actually part of the LGBTQ+ community.

I love that Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp) and Red (Kurtwood Smith) have grown as people. This series takes place 20 years later so it would be ridiculous for that not to be the case. Anyone who has children or nieces/nephews knows that grandparents treat their grandchildren very differently. They allow them to do things and get away with stuff you never could while growing up. I love seeing Red still be a tough guy, but with a very large soft spot for his granddaughter. Kitty is the perfect grandmother who continues to be absolutely hilarious!


It has been a long time since a sitcom made me laugh the way That 90s Show does. This series is a great time for all ages. I found myself cackling throughout entire episodes. I love the new characters, their friend group dynamic, and all the crazy they get up to. And I think everyone can relate to teens because we were all there once and we all (for the most part) go through a lot of the same things. When it comes to the adult characters, they find themselves in hilarious situations as well. So, there’s definitely a little something for everybody.

Right now, the series only takes place over one summer. I’m curious to see if That 90s Show is picked up for a season 2 if it stays that way.

Make sure to check out the hilarious series now streaming on Netflix!