Resident Evil is getting a reboot and it has found its writer/director in Johannes Roberts.  Roberts has a list of horror movies to his credits with 47 Meters Down and The Strangers: Prey at Night being amongst his best and most recent films.

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Roberts who is also writing the film says his biggest influence is the most recent game – Resident Evil 8: Biohazard.  This game revolves around a male protagonist attempting to save his family from a plantation with cannibals.  Not only will Milla Jojovich not return but look for a male star in this next film most likely.

Resident Evil has a solid fan base, but after the last film even that base is disappearing.  The Milla-driven franchise has made less money with each attempt.  RE1 made $60 million domestically.  The last entry could only manage $26.8 domestically.  The only reason the franchise went as far as it did was the incredibly low budget needed to make them.  However, the last movie barely made half its budget of $40 million.

What I really do not get is Hollywood rebooting a failing franchise a mere three years after the last failed movie.  This is not a hot and huge title that should even warrant a reboot – at least for a decade.  Production is due to start in 2019 for a 2020 release.  You would think one would want to give the new franchise some time away from the bombs, so moviegoers don’t just lump them all in together.