Topher Grace has done it again. For those that don’t remember, a few years back the That 70’s Show actor edited and re-cut Lucasfilm’s entire Star Wars prequel trilogy into one film. Some even claim that his super-cut was better than the original versions of those films. Well, he has stunned us once more. Together with friend Jeff Yorkes, Grace has created the ultimate tribute trailer with Star Wars Always.

Though he is better known for his acting career, from That 70’s Show to last year’s controversial Black Klansman, Topher Grace has quietly become a master film editor. He has created some incredible works, such as the aforementioned Star Wars prequel edit and a similar edit for Peter Jackson’s Hobbit movies. When it comes to Star Wars Always, however, he proves that fandom, creativity and patience can go a long way.  

Topher Grace Cuts Ultimate Trailer with Star Wars Always

We tend to call video snippets showing highlighted scenes of films “trailers”. Let’s face it though; what Grace has done with Star Wars Always goes beyond just making a trailer. The five-minute YouTube video seamlessly melds all ten, live-action Star Wars films together. It takes a special talent to blend the prequel, sequel, and original trilogies together. But to do it with both Solo and Rogue One in just a five-minute span? The end result is a spectacular, get-you-right-in-the-feels masterpiece.

Star Wars Always

Film editing is perhaps the most underrated talent in Hollywood. Topher Grace’s proficiency at the skill is clearly evident. He even managed to work in deleted scenes from the original Star Wars. While those scenes may have found the cutting room floor in 1977, they’re resurrected here as if they were part of the saga all along. Star Wars Always is one of those short videos you can watch over and over again, yet still feel chills each and every time.

There is so much negativity permeating the Star Wars fandom these days. This trailer, conversely, gives us a breath of fresh air and a renewed sense of that awe we felt all those years ago.