We all know that The Flash film will make its grant debut later this year, right? And that Ezra Miller will still play him despite all the controversy surrounding him? Well, it seems that Warner Bros. Discovery like his performance so much that they want him to continue playing Barry Allen. You know, despite the aforementioned controversy.

Ezra Miller to Infinity and Beyond?

"The Flash" (2023) logo from IMDb.
We still don’t have a key art for this film, I’m afraid. Just that logo picture above.

Variety has just released a report about Dwayne Johnson leaving the DC Universe due to the execs deciding not to do anything with Black Adam (both the film and the character) for the foreseeable future. How does this have anything to do with The Flash, you might ask? Well, if you look in the 3rd to last paragraph, you’ll notice that the report finally talks about Ezra Miller, who is playing the titular Flash in the upcoming film.

According to that paragraph, it seems that at least some Warner Bros. executives are “amenable” to Ezra Miller continuing to play Flash beyond the theatrical debut of the film in June 16, 2023. Why is this? Well, it seems that Miller has been undergoing mental health treatment since August 2022. While the details of said mental health treatment are unknown for very obvious and personal reasons, combined with Miller’s apology for their past behavior seems to have convinced the Warner Bros. execs that they’ve changed their ways. Or at least, they changed their ways enough to assure a big corporation that they won’t jeopardize the company’s reputation.

Either way though, it seems that Ezra Miller might very well continue to play Barry Allen in any future live-action The Flash media. Provided that they don’t get into another altercation, but that’s just speculation for now. Take it with a grain of salt until we hear anything different otherwise. Whether from Warner Bros. Discovery, DC Studios or from Miller themself.

Source: Variety

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