Typically Sundays are the “slower” at most major conventions. That was not the case when it came to the Dragon Prince. It was standing room only on the last day of NYCC 2019!

People were lined up for at least an hour if not more beforehand to get in, hoping to see something about this fantastic show just coming off its sophomore season.

Once those who were lucky enough to get seats they filed in more convention-goers along the sides and the back of the room. Yours truly found a spot up against a column in the middle of the room.

Justin Richmond (right), Neil Mukhopadhyay (center) and Aaron Ehasz (left)

On hand were Co-creators Aaron Ehasz and Justin Richmond with Senior Writer Neil Mukhopadhyay to talk to the fans about this stunning franchise. They first discussed how they are partnering with Dark Horse Comics and releasing an art book later next year. After that, there were 4 MORE big surprises!

Dragon Prince Panel Announcements

  1. The Dragon Prince Season 3 will premiere on November 22nd of this year! They started off putting up an image that said 1/22/2020 then changed it to 11/22/19!
  2. For those in attendance, we got a sneak peek at the first episode of season 3. NO SPOILERS! But you won’t be disappointed!
  3. A brand new poster with none other than Zym’s Dragon Daddy, Avizandum, more commonly known as Thunder.
  4. PINS! Yes, Dark Horse commissioned a limited run of 1000 pins featuring the likeness of Aaravos the sinister Startouched elf.
Its a huge freaking dragon!
Brand new season 3 Poster
dragon prince book coming soon
The Art of the Dragon Prince coming out next year
Dragon Prince

Hold onto your Primal Stones

We will finally be getting merchandise! During the NYCC Q&A a fan asked about where the merch? All they could say is it’s on the way, couldn’t name names or brands but it’s coming!

Another great part about the Q&A was the panel made sure that younger fans went to the front of the line, bad move! These kids knew the franchise and asked all the right questions! Even got them to admit that there are 7 seasons planned, as long as Netflix doesn’t pull the plug. Like it’s done with other series prematurely with other shows. One kid asked will we see other elves based on other primal forces. The answer was a very long spoiler-esque, yes and the panel asked what kind elves the fan would like to see. You can tell that the panel was all about the fans and truly humbled by the veracious turn out for their show.

Are you excited to see what happens in the 3rd season? What are you looking forward to seeing in Xadia? Leave your ideas and theories in the comments below. Stay tuned to Thathashtagshow for everything trending in geek pop culture!