Well, it appears that The Flash is finally remembering a trio of characters who showed up before in this The CW show. Hopefully, that means some other recurring characters might show up too as part of a mythology. Or at least to tie up some loose ends for this final season? Well, we can hope. In the meantime though, let’s take a look at this trio of recurring characters, shall we?

The Return of The Flash Side Characters?

"The Flash season 9" teaser art.
Wow, he ran so fast this time that he forgot his shoes.

The CW recently revealed that 3 characters from previous seasons of The Flash will return for the upcoming 9th and final season. Who are these 3 characters making a grand return, you might ask? Well apparently, they are John Diggle (AKA: Freelancer or Spartan), Wally West (AKA: Kid Flash or Flash #3), and Ramsey Rosso (AKA: Bloodwork).

As for who will play them in this last season of The Flash? Well, first off: David Ramsey will return to play John Diggle. Diggle is Green Arrow’s closest confidante and is a superhero in his own right, so he should be a fun cameo.

Arrow -- "Draw Back Your Bow" -- Image AR307b_0264b -- Pictured: David Ramsey as John Diggle -- Photo: Cate Cameron/The CW -- © 2014 The CW Network, LLC. All Rights Reserved.
AKA: Green Arrow’s BFF.

Next up for The Flash returns: Keiynan Lonsdale will return to play Wally West/Kid Flash. This will probably be exciting for fans, since he left the show so abruptly back in 2020.

And lastly, Sendhil Ramamurthy will return to play Ramsey Rosso for this last season of The Flash. Although he did play a very creepy villain in the form of Bloodwork, he was apparently a compelling enough character that The CW is bringing him back for one last hurrah. Even if he does look like he belongs in a horror film.

Sendhil Ramamurthy as Ramsey Rosso/Bloodwork.
Still creepy though.

Even better: all 3 of these characters will return in the same episode. Apparently, they will appear in The Flash season 9, episode 9. Why they’re in that episode in particular? Well, Comic Book speculates that Barry Allen may be running around the Arrowverse trying to get help. Given his superhuman speeds, it’s an entirely reasonable feat for him even if he has to run all the way around the world and back. Of course, this is just speculation for now, with zero confirmation from The CW, presumably because they wish to keep things under wraps until the final season premieres. Tune back into THS later to find out more about these returning characters when we do.

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