We all knew Horizon Forbidden West was going to get a DLC expansion one of these days. You know, just like how Horizon Zero Dawn got that The Frozen Wilds DLC for it. Well, now at long last, Guerilla Games is revealing that long-awaited DLC expansion in the form of a brand new trailer during The Game Awards 2022. Don’t believe me? Then you can watch that new trailer for yourself below, and revel in the sight of a brand new area to play in.

Horizon Forbidden West: Burning Shores DLC ~ Details

Could it be…we finally get to fight a Metal Devil?!

The official PlayStation YouTube channel is proud to reveal the Burning Shores DLC expansion pack to Horizon Forbidden West via that announcement trailer above. Really, it’s the announcement that Horizon fans have been waiting for ever since this sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn came out back on February 18, 2022. And now, at long last, Guerilla Games is delivering.

Said announcement trailer shows us the titular Burning Shores, which Aloy observes from high above while riding a Sunwing. Based on that Hollywood sign and other details, the Burning Shores appear to be a ruined Los Angeles. The ruins appear to be a treacherous place, filled with streams of what looks like lava or molten metal constantly pouring out of the ruined buildings into the sea. And yet despite those hazards, the Los Angeles ruins are teeming with plant and animal life just like the rest of this fallen world. I guess Ian Malcolm was right when he said that “Life finds a way”.

But the climax of this Burning Shores announcement trailer isn’t the pretty flora and fauna though. No, that comes at the end of the trailer. There, we see the Metal Devil (AKA: FAS-BOR7 Horus) stuck just behind the Hollywood sign start springing to life. At long last, we may also get to fight one of these mechanical monstrosities for ourselves. Considering that just a single one of these things is a planetary-level threat though, I anticipate a boss battle for the ages. Perhaps even a boss battle that takes us to the interior of a Metal Devil? We never did get to venture inside one of these monsters in either game. Maybe this DLC expansion will be our chance to do so when we finally get to play it.

Fortunately, we do get a release date with this announcement trailer. Apparently, the Burning Shores DLC for Horizon Forbidden West will make its debut on April 19, 2023. It’s only just a little over 4 months to wait for it as of this writing. Considering that we’ve been waiting a while for news of this, I think we can wait 4 more months.