After the wild success of Horizon Forbidden West, it seems pretty natural for Sony to reveal something about Horizon Call of the Mountain soon after that. Well, as it turns out…

The Mountain Calls From State of Play

Well, that didn’t take long.

PlayStation’s official Twitter account has just revealed that we’ll get “a new look at Horizon Call of the Mountain for #PSVR2 during State of Play”. The announcement doesn’t reveal any details of what this “new look” will be. That’s something they’re saving for tomorrow’s State of Play, at the time of this writing. However, they do give a time for said State of Play so that we don’t miss it.

State of Play will take place on June 2, 2022. In case you can’t read the Twitter post above for some reason: State of Play will start at 3 PM Pacific/ 6 PM Eastern/ 11 PM BST. So you all won’t have long to wait before we actually get to find out more about Horizon Call of the Mountain. And maybe, just maybe, we get to find out who that Carja and the unknown main character in that teaser trailer were.

Horizon Call of the Mountain: Details

Only 30 seconds of this is the actual teaser.

Details on Horizon Call of the Mountain are still a bit sparse at the moment. However, we do know a bit about it from various sources. The PlayStation Blog mentions that this game will be for the PlayStation VR2, so you need that virtual reality console to play it. The game will also feature an entirely new (and apparently female judging from her voice in the trailer above) main character, along with a still unnamed male Carja soldier as her travelling companion for this journey. Said Carja also mentions in the trailer that the Tallneck was headed for a place called “Thorin’s Grasp”. This is a place that doesn’t appear in either Horizon Zero Dawn or Horizon Forbidden West, so it’ll be exciting to see what that place actually is.

"Horizon Call of the Mountain" teaser trailer screenshot showing the Tallneck from below.
And why a Tallneck would be making a beeline towards it.

However, it’s not all new faces for Horizon Call of the Mountain. We’ll get to see Aloy again, presumably after her long journey through the Forbidden West. The PlayStation Blog also assures us that we’ll get to see “other familiar faces” in this game. Granted, they don’t specify exactly who those “familiar faces” will be. It is something to look forward to in the game, and likely for the State of Play tomorrow. Who knows? Maybe we’ll see faces like Uthid and Vanasha again, given how they’d likely get involved in any Carja business.

Source: Twitter

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