The RECHARGED Era of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has begun! Helmed by Melissa Flores and series artist Simona Di Gianfelice, both take the foundation that was laid by Kyle Higgins and Ryan Parrott and just CANNONBALL right into the deep end!

You only know where you’re going if you know where you came from!

Starting off 10,000 years after capturing Rita Repulsa, Zordon hopes that she will reflect on her misdeeds. Spiteful as ever, Rita strikes Zordon with a twisted power using the Dragonzord powers.

Seems even cosmic beings need a nap. Seemingly they have nightmares too! Zordon tries to stay ever vigilant, asking Alpha to keep scanning.

Does paint wash out of Spandex?

The team is doing some training at the Promethea facility. (Considering the “OOPS” they had in the pocket dimension, who could blame them?) We also get some flirting from Aisha with Matt. The team gets called back to the Command Center. They have picked up a distress call from the moon, specifically from Lord Zedd.

The team thinks it’s super sus, but nevertheless morph and head up to the moon with the new Flying Mode installed on the Dragonzord. Just before landing, they are attacked by what looks like Chaos Putties but with red accents rather than green. After crashing a horde of these new putties rush towards them with Goldar leading the pack.

When in actuality Goldar is being chased and begs the Rangers for help. He may have gotten pistol-whipped with the butt of the Dragon Dagger. The team splits up with Rocky and Aisha heading into the throne room with Finster in robes and are attacked by… Lord Zedd’s throne, yes Royal Throney! Cut to Tommy, Matt, and Kim in the basement in the pitch black. So she shoots off an arrow only for it to lay right in front of a downed Lord Zedd under the boot of Rita, now known as Mistress Vile. With glowing blue eyes behind her.

Thoughts from THE GRID

Wow, what a great issue to start off with! We finally get to see the day that Rita was captured and how Zordon was ripped apart. Hopefully the next issue will have another flashback of how he was stabilized and put in the tube. Having the team train at the Promethea seems like bridges are starting to mend? Then again, we haven’t heard or seen Grace in a while, so who knows what motives she might have.

I’m not sure if I need the Aisha and Matt flirting relationship right now. But I as a critic have been getting tired lately of media in general pushing ships for the sake of ships. Kudos to the team being the better Ranger and going to assist Zedd. It’s a great way to show that no matter who you are, the Rangers will always be there no matter what.

Dragonzord flying mode?! Ok, I get that you are trying to make your mark with this being the first issue. I’m good with the flying mode, but I think the aesthetics of it FOR ME could have been better. It’s leaving me with more questions than answers. How is the Dragonzord going to look when it’s NOT flying? Will this affect future combinations? Plus, would have been nice to get a blurb from Billy about the Gold Omegazord combo inspiration. Or at least that’s where I’m assuming the flying mode idea came from.

But wait there’s more from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #101

These things are me just nitpicking because as a whole, this issue was GREAT! The new art style is a natural progression from what we have seen in the parallel runs of MIGHTY MORPHIN and POWER RANGERS. Speaking of style, Melissa Flores’ pacing was perfect! It was a fast 22 pages but everyone had their time to shine! Even if it was a quippy one liner, it fit the characters just right.

Flores possesses a deep knowledge of these characters and it shows. The balance displayed on this first issue gives me hope that we’re not going too character heavy one way or the other. I believe that we will get highlight issues down the line, but it seems that it will flow back and forth smoothly.

Speaking of Character!

Rita’s debut as Mistress Vile is a great way for Flores to make HER MARK on the franchise right out the gate! The design has some heavy Dark Specter elements. So I’m wondering if we will get a tie-in spin off one-shot as to this incarnations origin. Wouldn’t you like to see that?



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