It has been almost 6 years and today we did it! Mighty Morphin Power Rangers has made it to issue #100! There is ALOT to unpack here so suit up for this epic issue.

A Fight Against Death Itself!

With the Death Ranger now controlling all of the Omega Rangers and the Silver Space Ranger. Andros, Xi, and the others from SafeHaven regroup at the Command Center on Earth. Tommy is skeptical of Andros, after all, he did put his former teammates in this situation. After some convincing Tommy calls out that “IT’S MORPHIN TIME” the team gets transported to KO-35 after a bit of light banter. The Death Ranger inhabiting Jason’s body monologues and with the rest of the turned Omega Rangers fight the Earth Rangers.

The Rangers divvy up and start fighting Tommy vs Jason, Andros vs Zhane, Aisha vs Trini, Rocky vs Yale, and Adam with Matt vs Zack. Billy stays back and uses Zack as a test subject for his new weapon, It didn’t work.

In a twist of events, the Death Ranger plays dirty and ups the stakes by calling the Ultra Omega Zord and combining his Gold Omega Zord giving it these massive wings. The rangers call their zords, but not before the Journey, Kevor and Arkon arrive as backup to tag out and fight the Omega Rangers.

Friends Fighting for and with Friends

Arkon, Kevor, and Journey square up one on one with a particular Omega. trying to speak to them hoping to get them out of the Death Ranger’s control. Arkon against Yale, Kelvor facing Zack, and Journey catching up with Trini even overtaking her, saying that my mom is still inside fighting with her.

The Thunder Mega Zord and Dragonzord are trying to take down this Ultra Gold Omegazord with no success. Tommy offers up himself as host to the Death Rangers just to save his friends. While Tommy and “Death Jason” are still fighting Andros sneaks up with BIlly’s new weapon set to a higher level ready to blast the Death Ranger out of Jason.

After a quick dodge, Death Ranger slices the Tricera Cannon in two. Andros does a last-ditch attempt to save Jason by doing the one thing he swore he wouldn’t do, HE MORPHED!

Facing yourself…

As Andros morphs, a huge surge of grid energy blasts away Jason, Death Ranger, and Andros. Followed by Andros and Jason falling into the grid itself. Jason starts seeing his friends telling him to stay, but they are faceless. Andros comes crashing thru guiding Jason thru moments in his ranger life. Til we get to a memory of Jason and his mom he realizes that this is all made up and even apologizes to the facsimile that he should have been honest from the start. As he breaks thru the illusion the Death Ranger questions him one last time. Jason responds with one MASSIVELY STUNNING PANEL of Jason thru all his ranger from uppercutting the Death Ranger and breaking the Gold Omega Morpher.

Jason and the rest of the Omegas are free of Death Rangers’ control. Their life essence takes over the Ultra Gold Omegazord. The Rangers are seriously getting their butts whooped when Matt suggests a new combo giving us the Dragon Thunderzord! That quickly cuts the Gold Omega Zord off and the voice of the Death Ranger warns them of what’s coming next…

One Week Later

With everyone on SafeHaven, the teams say their goodbyes. Andros thanks Billy for working on Zhanes Cryo chamber. While Tommy pushes Jason to share his news. Jason waits a bit because Zack and Trini have more important goodbyes to say.

With the stress of the last few fights, Journey has now aged up into an elderly woman on her deathbed. Trini wishes they had more time, Zack wishes they found Journeys parents. The journey stops them and calls Trini and Zack, Mom and Dad, and explains she is home. They all stay till the very end…

Jason eventually tells them that because of the fight he can’t connect to the Red Omega Powers anymore. Trini stops him and says they will take up the fight and that he needs to be with his father.

Jason finally comes to terms and opens a voicemail that he’s been avoiding from his late mother. In a 3 page montage, Jason’s mom explains how things are at home and how his father does misses him. She even talks about how much she wishes she could thank the Rangers and we see Jason Walk off into the sunset.

Thoughts from THE GRID

There is so much to unpack here! First, let’s start off with an Ultrazord-Sized round of applause to everyone at Boom! Studios for putting out 100+ amazing issues of our favorite franchise!

I’m glad that the pacing was right on point for the majority of the issue. Not too much on campy jokes, or too much monologuing. Just the right balance. Then shifting the focus where it needed to go was smooth. Let’s not forget the choice of switching back and forth between the artists too! That was a team effort from the very beginning!

Andros finally making the decision to morph that he had something worth fighting for again was powerful! Helping Jason to navigate thru his pain. All the while showing Jason at different points in his ranger career with the suit changes. Leading up to him just being Jason facing things as he needs to and that the Power was him all along!

With the return of the Gold Omegazord and the new combo with the Omega Ultra Zord. It was obvious that we were going to get the New Dragon Thunderzord combo. I honestly think that Ryan, who is as much of a fan as he is a writer had his inner child screaming for joy being able to finally squeeze in that last combo. I think it’s probably the best one yet, it’s the most organic and seamless combo.

Having Journey grow old and be grateful to her adoptive parents was a perfect send-off. Was I the only one that noticed that Journey’s weapons were a subtle nod to Zack and Trini’s MMPR weapons? Speaking of MMPR it was a smart choice to use the Orignal Megazord for the final page coming full circle as that was Jason’s first Megazord.

The only real gripes I have were that Matt wasn’t in the ONE-WEEK LATER Epilogue. Secondly, there was no power transfer of the Red Omega powers to Trini and then of the Yellow Omega powers to Kevor. They just got pushed into the montage. I realize not everything can make it to print but if that’s my only nitpick out of 44 pages? I’m good with that!

Using that unopened voicemail as the final goodbye was heartfelt! I myself know the feeling of the loss of a parent and I too still have a voice message saved from almost two decades ago. I get it!

This being Ryan Parrott’s final main line issue had the perfect balance of action and heart. I myself was enthralled in the action and blubbering when the emotions hit me. The characters he’s fleshed out starting with Kyle Higgins foundation are full and rich. With Missy Flores ready to take over the possibilities are endless and I for one dear Ranger can’t wait for the ride!

Covers that are 100% worthy!

This is, to my knowledge, the most amount of variants I’ve seen so far for a single Power Rangers issue! FOR GOOD REASON TOO!

As of posting it’s unclear if all covers will get FULL ART variants and best of luck getting those sure-to-be expensive incentive covers at your LCS. I’ve seen some prices already over $100!

Thank you also to everyone whos been following along with these comic book reviews!

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