After the strange twisting of the Morphin Grid leading to Villains from across the thirty-year franchise appear, you think this issue is going one place but man what a great issue for Kimberly to shine!

Metallic Armor Ain’t THAT Shiny!

Kim and Tommy try to hold up against the several big bads, but it’s not just a matter of being outnumbered this time they are seriously outclassed.

You have to realize the fact that the Rangers are in the Morphin Grid right now and for Tommy, to unmorph because he got his butt WHOOPED inside the grid is saying something! Kimberly decides to make a very hasty retreat!

Sledge suggests that they slow their evil roll and enjoy the thrill of the hunt. Kimberly finds a safe hiding place while Tommy is passed out. Suddenly a warm glow of PINK ENERGY washes over the rangers and a voice speaks to Kimberly…

It’s the Pink Emissary! Yes Aleia from the Squadron Rangers who now lives outside of the known, monitors the grid. The emissary goes on to tell Kimberly that it was her own self-doubt that summoned all those villains. She proceeds to give Kim a good old pep talk but more importantly gives her back her memories. Kimberly now understands that the rangers were never replacements but more warriors down the line that they start! With that epiphany, she goes back to take on the Big Bads, on her own.

But she’s not alone in her memory she remembers all the rangers she met during Shattered Grid. Just like before instead of using her self-doubt she uses her confidence to summon all the Pink Rangers EVER! Starting with Kat from Zeo all the way to Amelia from Dino Fury. But that’s not all, Chloe from Hyperforce joins up! But the biggest surprise was seeing BOTH Kendrix and Karone each morph into Galaxy Pink!

TL;DR All the Pink Rangers in history showed up and kicked ass!

Back At Home

Once the Grid was stable Kim and Tommy were able to establish communication with Billy again. they teleport back and Tommy is given a clean bill of health, the metallic armor saved his life, Yay Science!

Kimberly goes outside to catch some air, and Tommy goes out to talk with her. They reconcile and share a kiss. Rocky calls them back in to try and come up with a team name, now knowing that there are several teams in the universe. Kim could care less because she is in the here and now. But that last panel was cute…..


It goes without saying I’m tickled pink! I was on the fence with this whole self-doubt arch Kimberly was on. Mat Groom really turned it around in such a glorious way and to tie it back to POWER RANGERS UNIVERSE by introducing the PInk Emissary was genius! If you recall Pink was the only ranger in UNIVERSE that we weren’t sure where they would exist.

All that is left is finding out how where the Squadron Bros, Xev & Telosi, are doing IN the grid.

The double panel of all the rangers morphing really had that Female Avengers ENDGAME vibe. With both Kendrix and Karone, both morphing was smart because you couldn’t have two Emmas in both her Super Mega and Megaforce forms. So having Karone fill that Super Mega spot was fantastic! It also validates how equally important BOTH Lost Galaxy Pink Rangers are to the legacy of Power Rangers!

Just 2 issues left til the CHARGE TO 100! I for one cannot for the life of me figure out where this is going! At least from the Earth-based rangers.

Charged for Battle Covers!

3 of the covers come in FULL ART variants that you can purchase at your LCS. I am just a bit confused about why we didn’t get a Pink ranger centric cover.

Were you just as surprised with the Pink Emissary showing up? Let us know in the comments below!

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