We have known since issue #1 that Superboy would be in the young justice team.  He was on the cover and Bart finds him in the final pages.  Now we finally get back to him and learn what he has been up to.  In fact, this issue picks up where #1 left off – Bart hugging the stuffing out of Conner and refusing to let go. 

We don’t know why Conner is her, yet, but we see that he is extremely happy being in Gemworld and is in fact a farmer like the Kents before him.  Before Conner can go any further, Bart and Conner are approached by a group of Lord Opal’s thugs. I love Bart’s smack talking, but that is easy to do when a Kryptonian has your back.  The one problem is that when push comes to shove Superboy kneels in surrender!  Conner doesn’t even put up a fight?  Bart look of absolute shock is appropriate not only for what just happened, but also for the jolt he receives in the back from one of the thugs. 

The story takes a brief detour and shows Conner’s activities and interactions with Star Labs that led him to Gem world.  It helps demonstrate Conner’s brashness and recklessness.  He goes where he shouldn’t and gets transported to Gem world.  It is this next couple pages back in Gem world that make the jaw drop.

When Did This Happen?

Conner exchanges a few words with Lord Opal’s commander before being interrupted – by his wife AND child! One small issue I have had with this title was trying to figure out an approximate timeline in which it is happening.  Many of these characters would become Teen Titans later on in their careers, but Young Justice precedes this, I think.  Tim Drake seems young as does Bart.  Now that Conner has a wife and child, I assume he is a bit older.  Granted the backstory this issue just gave showed he walked out on high school.  Conner will have a lot to work out in the pages ahead.

The Rest of the Team

The last pages set the environment for the rest of the team.  They are all prisoners in cells with a single, barred hole in the ceiling that make it hard for them to think.  There is some clever banter back and forth.  Bart is now with them.  The biggest draw from this is Cassie.  We have known she has had some issue that have been plaguing her.  We still don’t entirely know what is going on other than she is blaming herself.  Via a smart retort from Amethyst, we may see future issues between the two ladies.

 Then in the middle is a massive double page shot of Cassie and Young Justice squaring off in a battle.  It is a beautiful page and lay out.  I am just not sure of its meaning and placement.

The main thing to take away from this issue has to be Conner Kent being both a husband and father.  Given this is for younger readers, I doubt they will be killed off, but that traps Conner.  How can he rejoin the team on Earth if his home is now on Gem world?  It will be interesting to see where they take his story as we move forward.