Of all the collaborations One Piece could do, would you ever have expected it would be with Lush? Not only that but for bath bombs of all things? Well, at least if you’re a Devil Fruit user using these things, you can probably smell great as you sink to the bottom of the sea.

How to Smell Like a Well-Washed Pirate?

Now you too can smell like pirates who are surprisingly clean thanks to Franky’s ingenuity with Thousand Sunny‘s washrooms.

British cosmetics retailer Lush is collaborating with One Piece to produce specialty bath bombs. Yes, you read that right: bath bombs. These bath bombs not only come in a variety of different scents like “summer florals”, “warm and spicy”, and “fruity blackcurrant”; but they also come in a wide variety of shapes. Specifically: the shapes of Devil Fruits. All of these bath bombs take the shape of various Devil Fruits you see in the anime and manga. I really wish the irony of this isn’t lost on Lush, considering how Devil Fruit users lose the ability to swim upon taking a bite of these forbidden fruits.

It’s not just bath bombs Lush is making in collaboration with One Piece though. They even have a “plastic-free pirate” knot wrap with the Straw Hat Pirates’ unique Jolly Roger emblazoned on it for you to tie your hair up with. You know so that you can feel like you’re part of the crew for the duration of your bath. The collaboration even includes a “bubble bar” made in the shape of Luffy‘s iconic straw hat. Just break off pieces of it, crumble it into your bath, and watch the bubbles foam up.

So where can you purchase these One Piece bath bombs, bubble bars, and knot wrap here in the US? Well, as it turns out, Lush has an official US website. There, you can find a selection of their wares in USD prices for you to peruse. A note though: as of this writing, the straw hat bubble bar and Straw Hats’ Jolly Roger knot wrap are both out of stock. The bath bombs are still in stock, but I have no idea for how long. If you want to enjoy these One Piece bath items, then you might want to hurry.

One Piece x Lush Collaboration: Full List

If you want to check out a full list of the bathing products Lush is offering in collaboration with One Piece, then you can check out images and full info (including prices) below:

Human-Human Fruit Bath Bomb ($9.25/6.3 oz.)

"One Piece" x Lush Human-Human Fruit Bath Bomb.
Fruit? This is a mushroom.

Flower-Flower Fruit Bath Bomb ($9.25/6.7 oz.)

"One Piece" x Lush Flower-Flower Fruit Bath Bomb
Such a pretty Devil Fruit for so visually disturbing a power.

Flame-Flame Fruit Bath Bomb ($9.25/7 oz.)

"One Piece" x Lush Flame-Flame Fruit Bath Bomb.
This fire is outta control!

Gum-Gum Fruit Bath Bomb ($9.25/5.6 oz.)

"One Piece" x Lush Gum-Gum Fruit Bath Bomb.
I swear, it looks like candy.

Straw Hat Bubble Bar ($14.95/7.4 oz.) ~ Out of Stock (as of this writing)

"One Piece" x Lush Straw Hat Bubble Bar.
Clearly, Luffy had been sneaking some of Nami’s tangerines in his hat. Hence, why said hat is citrusy.

One Piece Knot Wrap ($25.00/39 x 39 in) ~ Out of Stock (as of this writing)

"One Piece" x Lush One Piece Knot Wrap.
Dang, now that’s a wrap big enough to fly as your banner.

Source: Lush