For all you anime fans: One Piece is finally getting some new English dubs on Funimation this August.

The "One Piece" cast all kitted out for a day on the beach.
Even the Straw Hat Pirates are anxious to appear this summer!

Well, It’s About Damned Time!

On July 3, 2020; Funimation Tweeted that they are finally bringing us more One Piece dubbed episodes in August. I can only say: it’s about damned time! The English dub episodes have really fallen far behind the original Japanese episodes. Just to put things in perspective: the One Piece anime is currently at season 20, episode 930. This puts the anime in the Wano arc, which is up to date with the latest chapters of the manga. In contrast, Funimation currently has the episodes English dubbed up to 588. We are 342 episodes behind the latest Japanese ones. While it’s highly unlikely that we’ll ever catch up with the Japanese releases at this rate, any progress towards it is always a good thing.

The Straw Hats cheer as Funimation finally gets their snail dubbers to work!

Speaking of which, Funimation will be dubbing One Piece episodes 588 to 600, which covers part of the Punk Hazard arc. In this arc, the Straw Hat Pirates set sail from Fishman Island, only to catch a mysterious distress beacon soon after leaving. This beacon will lead them to the island of Punk Hazard, which features some rather bizarre geography. Half the island is locked in winter, while the other half is on fire courtesy of its active volcanoes. The two halves are divided by a narrow channel cutting right down the middle between them, with a single large lake sitting smack dab in the center of the island halves. If you think this makes Punk Hazard sound like a pokeball, you’re not alone.

A suspiciously familiar overhead view of a certain island in "One Piece".
Can anyone say: “Gotta catch ’em all!”?


Strange things are afoot in this arc of One Piece, and the island’s appearance only adds to the mystery. Who sent the distress beacon? Why are they here? And couldn’t they have picked somewhere nicer to get in trouble on? Tune in this August on Funimation to find out.

Source: ComicBook