Fright Fest 2022 at Six Flags Magic Mountain is in its 29th year and promises to continue to strike fear into the hearts of all those who attend. Fright Fest is an event similar to Knotts Scary Farm that reuses houses every year adding a couple of new things here and there. 

This year, Fright Fest boasts fourteen combined Haunted Houses and Scare-Zones and at Six Flags Magic Mountain, the lights are going off on the roller coasters once again. During the day, BooFest is a family-friendly haunt during the day with a Trick Or Treat Trail in Bugs Bunny World.

I didn’t check out any of the shows, the showtimes didn’t work for my timeline. However, I love walking by the band and think VooDoo Nights always do a great job. I really wanted to check out The Rising but didn’t make it in time. The park is huge!


This year, Fright Fest is going digital. You will find tons of signs with QR Squares to scan in order to find a map of where to find the houses and scare zones. If you want to see any show time you will ALSO need to download the 6 Flags App. Personally, I don’t mind digital. However, I would prefer all information in one place. Do I need a digital map or an app? Just give me one, not both. My phone battery is already limited.

Unfortunately, there are no signs throughout the park pointing you in the right direction of scare zones and houses. Six Flags is a gigantic park with tons of hills, and tiny pathways taking you to dead ends or circling you back to where you just came from. I found myself constantly with my face in the map figuring out the right way to go. So, just like last year, I still could not find the houses or streets in the middle!

Rating: C+


For an additional fee, you can join other spooky fans for a haunted happy hour. Each night of Fright Fest from 6-9 pm you can dine at the All You Can Eat Buffet Dinner that includes unlimited soft drinks, as well as a ticked for a Fright Fest cocktail or mocktail. There are also 2 spooky photo ops, and a couple of ghouls helping to add to the atmosphere. 

Spirits with Spirits is located in the West Picnic Pavillion (entrance located near the Lockers building). The menu includes chicken strips, wings, sausages, meatless meatballs, chips with nacho cheese, mac and cheese, Mexican corn dip, garlic knots, and caesar salad. Dessert items include pumpkin pie, ice cream bars, and cookies.

*Meal times and menu are subject to change. No re-entries. Food and drink may not be taken from the picnic area.

I’ve been to a few of these additional spooky buffets, but this one just doesn’t do it for me. The food is fine, but if you’re not a big carnivore your options are going to be very limited. The West Picnic Pavillion is very dark. You have to strategically pick a spot with light or you won’t be able to see your food. They do have a great list of cocktails/mocktails to try. 

However, the spooky atmosphere is lacking, yes it’s dark, there’s music playing, and from time to time two ghosts come out to play, but…that’s it. The picnic area feels more like I’m on my break at work than at a special ticketed area worth my extra $60. 

I also wish there was someone working the photo ops. Instead, guests are left to figure out the spinning 360° machine on their own and ask someone who’s trying to enjoy their food to take their photo at the step and repeat.

Rating: D+


I love scare zones. They pull you in, immerse you into the theme and keep the scares going while making your way to a show, or the next house. This year is a huge improvement for the scare zones. Last year, my biggest complaint is there were no scare actors to be found. You need more than 2 in every zone.

When entering a scare zone I found myself never having to look for someone, I was surrounded! I loved watching them scare everyone. My only complaint is where some of them are placed. Why are the Clowns of City Under Seige hidden back by the DC ride entrances rather than throughout the boardwalk, or at least by their own statue? TERRORtory Twisted is also a really great themed zone but also hidden. Why are they not terrorizing the area by the Golden Bear Theater? 

One of the new scare zones is one of my favorites, CarnivHell! The makeup is great, and the scare-actors are wonderful. There’s a person dressed as a bird and she got me with her terrifyingly accurate sound. But it’s hidden off to the side and easily missed. There is plenty of empty space throughout the park to fix this. 

Rating: B+


Willoughby’s Resurrected (NEW) and Sewer of Souls I was unable to find. After hiking around the entire park I gave up…again. Truth or Dare (NEW) had been closed since park opening with zero estimated time for it to be up and running. I’m really disappointed by the closing. The description makes it sound really incredible. I needed to see what these never-before-done scares and effects are.

So, since I couldn’t find two of the houses and one of them wasn’t open I was only able to go through three houses. I wish Red’s Revenge was still around, but sadly it wasn’t. 


My #2 last year has become my least favorite. While I still love the theming, it was lacking in scares. Most rooms I walked through didn’t have a single Scare-Actor in them. I’m not sure if they were short-staffed or if I just happened to walk through during a shift change.



This House was my least favorite last year. However, they have turned things around. This Zombie world was not lacking in scares and they got better at scaring people in the right direction. I still got a little lost at one point and even accidentally walked out of the house, but it’s getting there.



This House was absolutely fantastic. Last year, I found it a little lackluster. This year it was scares galore! There was a spook around every corner and even a few that surprised me – which is really hard to do.


Overall, the houses were really enjoyable this year. I do find some of them confusing as far as directions. The Scare-Actors need to get better at scaring guests in the right direction. I found myself being scared by a ghost, only to have to walk past them and not the other opening. There’s a directional art to scaring. Let’s work on that. 

Overall House Rating: B


Fright Fest remains one of my favorite beginner haunts. Everyone working the streets and the houses has an obvious passion and love for what they’re doing. The makeup was kicked up a notch this year with tons of prosthetics and face paints. I always dislike when haunts cut corners and throw everyone in masks. It’s never as good. So, kudos there!

I appreciated that the majority of scare zones were swarming with scare actors. As well as added scares in the houses. Sadly, Truth or Dare was down for the night, and from what other attendees have said – it’s been down since Fright Fest opened. The new scare zones are fantastic. I loved CarnivHell and Devil’s Triangle. I also appreciate the two scare-zones as you hike the hill towards the back of the park to distract me from my heavy breathing.

My biggest wish is that there were signs that lead you in the direction of the shows, houses, streets, etc. The digital map just isn’t it. I would also appreciate a showtime schedule at the shows or on the digital map, as well as house wait times somewhere other an on the app.

Personally, I do not think the Spirits with Spirits is worth the additional cost, but the Express Haunted Attraction Pass is always worth it.

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