You know how Shrek and its immediate sequel recently left several streaming platforms? Well, it looks like it and its immediate sequel are heading back to Peacock. Hopefully, they’ll stay there.

The Big Green Ogre’s Hopefully Permanent Move?

"Shrek" poster from IMDb.
Still one of the greatest animated films for many good reasons.

It was recently announced that the first 2 Shrek films, after leaving Peacock in recent months, will finally make their way back to the streaming platform. It’s fitting since NBCUniversal owns both the Shrek franchise (due to them owning DreamWorks Animation since 2016) and Peacock. It’s like NBCUniversal wants to close off all other routes to their franchises to get some kind of retroactive exclusivity, but I digress.

"Shrek 2" poster from IMDb.
One of the few sequels that was actually as good as the first film.

Apparently, Shrek and Shrek 2 will both return to Peacock on August 1, 2022. As of this writing, that’s only 4 days away, so you won’t have long to wait to watch either film if you’ve been wanting to do so. Not only that, but the base subscription plan for Peacock is entirely free. If you don’t mind some ads with your viewing experience, then this might be the subscription plan for you.

Shrek: Details

Don’t you miss those old trailers that showed epically disconnected scenes without spoiling anything?

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 21 years: Shrek is a CGI-animated film franchise loosely based on the 1990 children’s picture book of the same name by William Steig. Andrew Adamson (who goes on to direct the second film) and Vicky Jenson directed the original film, with Ted Elliott, Terry Rossio, Joe Stillman, and Roger S. H. Schulman doing the screenwriting. Aron Warner, John H. Williams, and Jeffrey Katzenberg produced it, with Sim Evan-Jone editing it. Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell composed the music for it.

The original Shrek starred Mike Myers as the titular green ogre, Eddie Murphy as Donkey, and Cameron Diaz as Princess Fiona. John Lithgow co-starred as the antagonist Lord Farquaad. Vincent Cassel played secondary villain Robin Hood, while Conrad Vernon played Gingie the Gingerbread Man as a fairly important side character.

As for what Shrek is about? Well, Netflix may no longer be streaming it, but they still have the synopsis for it. Check it out below:

“On a mission to retrieve a princess from a fire-breathing dragon, gruff ogre Shrek teams up with an unlikely compatriot — a wisecracking donkey.”