Well, it looks like the Second Sky music festival is going to have anime music this year, all courtesy of Crunchyroll. It’s certainly good news for all the anime fans attending said music festival. Who knows, maybe it might even create some new anime fans in the process. Only time will tell here.

Let the Anime Music Roll at Sky Music!

Crunchyroll at Second Sky 2022 music festival key art, featuring MOGRA.
It looks like Crunchyroll-hime is bringing back the shiny jacket for this music festival.

Crunchyroll is proud to announce that they’re bringing anime music to this year’s annual Second Sky music festival from renowned American DJ, record producer, musician, and singer Porter Robinson in the form of the Crunchyroll Anime Shelter experience. In fact, Robinson himself is just as excited for the anime music as we are. So excited that he has this to say about it:

“MOGRA is one of my favorite places in the world — the all-night anisongs and incredible live VJing is an experience that has become rightfully famous worldwide and it’s somewhere I go every time I’m in Japan. Crunchyroll (who helped in the creation of Shelter) are bringing MOGRA to the US with Second Sky — if you’re coming to the festival don’t miss it!”

So how will Crunchyroll bring anime music to Second Sky, you might ask? Well, they are starting by bringing DJs from the anime night club MOGRA all the way from Akihabara, Tokyo. This is, in fact, the first time these DJs will be back in the US since 2019. The list of Japanese DJs making their appearance at Second Sky include:

  • D-YAMA opened MOGRA in 2009. Since then he has brought MOGRA’s anime club scene to an international audience through tours in the United States and Germany as well as on Twitch.
  • Taku Inoue is a pop/dance music producer who served as a member of BANDAI NAMCO’s sound staff for nearly a decade. He has contributed to THE IDOLM@STER and TEKKEN series and is a resident DJ at MOGRA. 
  • DJ WILDPARTY is a Japanese DJ and resident DJ at MOGRA who has partnered with various vocaloid talent and his tracks have been featured in THE IDOLM@STER MILLION LIVE!

Crunchyroll Anime Shelter at Second Sky: How to Get In?

The anime short film that inspired the name of this collaboration, and a pretty good one to boot.

Second Sky 2022 will take place on Saturday, October 29 at Oakland Arena Grounds in Oakland, California. The music festival will feature artists personally curated by Porter Robinson. This includes the ones Crunchyroll are bringing to their Anime Shelter experience. You can purchase tickets for both the festival and for a hotel package at Second Sky’s official website. Tickets are a bit pricey, with even the bare admission itself being $159.50, not including fees. If you’re a fan of Second Sky, Porter Robinson, Crunchyroll, or anime music in general though; then this might be worth it.

Source: Crunchyroll News, Second Sky Fest