Issue #97 in the CHARGE TO 100 sees our rangers and allies battling and neither knows what’s happening to the other!

Tween-agers with Attitude

With the Omegas back from Earth, Journey has had another substantial growth spurt. For the sake of argument, they are in that 10-13 range. So obstinance and pushing boundaries can be a normal occurrence for beings at that age. Guess parenting woes are a universal concept.

Zack explains that he and Trini would love to take Journey to Earth but Earthlings aren’t ready for Aliens that aren’t hellbent on world conquest, how it wouldn’t be safe. Again the adopted parents need to go off on another mission. She’s visibly upset but finds a new friend in Kevor Vrin.

Journey goes on about how much they feel stifled and over-protected. Kevor comes back with you should be grateful to have someone better than no one.

Pages courtesy of Boom! Studios

While preparing dinner Arkon and Xi are making small talk but are interrupted by several assailants who seemingly worked for Garrison Vox in the past and want access to his cell in the Eternity Point Omega Vault. Kevor and Journey follow them and have to choose whether to fight or flee.

Astro Megaship FOUND!

Andros is equally being as hardheaded for good reason after the big reveal in the last issue. His ulterior motives are finally coming to fruition. Xi (before the dinner date from hell) locates the Astro Megaship. Sadly it’s not as easy to get into Xurix space. The Plan is a two-pronged attack, Zack and Trini in the Zords while Andros glides in on his Galaxy Glider. They take out the force field so Jason and Yale can teleport in and infiltrate the ship taking out as many Xurix along the way.

We know things are building up to something big in the CHARGE TO 100 and after what we learned in POWER RANGERS UNLIMITED: COUNTDOWN TO RUIN and whats coming in POWER RANGERS UNLIMITED: THE DEATH RANGER I won’t spoil the last few panels but HIGHLY recommend that you get in your car, plane, train, Megazord or Galaxy Glider and pick this up ASAP!

Thoughts from THE GRID

I’m loving the family dynamic going on with Zack, Trini, and Journey. It’s a welcome breath of fresh air amongst the action. But speaking of family one HUGE misstep between Mighty Morphin #21 and now was Jason having to come to terms with leaving Earth. WE saw nothing it was sulking and Tupperware then SafeHaven. I’m not saying that this distracts from the issue, I know things have to get cut for space and I bet those pages are sitting on Mat Groom’s desk waiting for the chance… For me, it hits even harder with the Red Ranger variant cover as if it might have been storyboarded and scraped.

As for the action I really love the fact that Andros gives us a call back to POWER RANGERS UNLIMITED: COUNTDOWN TO RUIN with why he’s in this black suit. I’m just questioning if he’s still morphed in some way? He has access to a helmet, some kinda spandex, the weapons, and the gear but isn’t morphed? I know in some series civilian forms are able to summon their gear. But it’s just a bit of a small stretch for me.

Using Vox’s minions could also be a great setup for a future story and the fact the Xurix are under threat of Darkonda make you wonder what machinations are happening out in space!

Yes, this is splitting hairs at this point because there is so much RIGHT in the stories now, it’s hard to find wrong LOL!

3 of the covers come in FULL ART variants that you can purchase at your LCS.

Is anyone going to notice what could be a Stingwinger in the standard cover? Where did that come from?

What did you think of this issue? Was the pace a story telling a nice change of pace? To have dual plot lines in the same book?

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