After the somber last 2 issues of both Mighty Morphin and PR #20. This week’s issue has a great change of pace. People are just being people seeing what our rangers are doing in their down and training time.

A House Full Of … Nothing

Jason is still mourning and frustrated with the loss of his mother and on the heels of his father abandoning him. Kimberly comes over to console her friend and teammate. With little success, she leaves but luckily runs into Trini.

Trini is outside having just visited Jason also getting the same reaction, So Kim and Trini decide to have a girl’s day at the mall! because in space, tailors don’t get human sizing?

Trini’s new outlook on the world and in turn the universe really has pushed her to try new things. Kim, still in a tizzy about her latest galactic escapade, realizing that rangers are “expendable” and interchangeable is only made more real. In the food court, Trini goes on to explain everything before the galactic reset. How they fought alongside other teams of rangers thru-out space and time!

This realization that rangers are interchangeable hits like a ton of bricks to Kim’s self-esteem. This prompts her to go and ask Billy to figure out some sort of upgrade for the team. In the meantime, she goes into this spiral seemingly alone at the juice bar. Tommy finds her and they chat the whole time Kim is recalling what Trini said in her head.

Upgraded For Now…

Billy, at the command center, used some of what he learned to tap into the grid and give the team a boost when needed. he also figured out how to make a training pocket dimension. Kim and Tommy morph up and start to take out some putties, Z putties, and a few of King Aradon’s minions.

The Pink and White Rangers power up into ……… METALLIC ARMOR! Kim and Tommy are whipping the stuffing out of these foes. But the strain of using Grid Energy on both the Pocket Dimension and the Metallic suits starts to warp the dimension and a wormhole opened up with several villains stepping out!

Thoughts From THE GRID

Easy read, honestly is a bit of a filler in the CHARGE TO 100. I find it interesting that we got the Metallic Armor at this point. In the TV series, the Metallic Armor was used after Kat replaced Kim. So introducing it now will probably be a Dues ex Machina in the upcoming issues.

As for the villains: Trakeena, Sledge, Dai Shi, Void Queen and Ransik showing up really makes me wonder how much control BIlly had over the pocket dimension. Plus cheers to Mat Groom for choosing villains from every era of Power Rangers ownership. Not taking the easy out with obvious choices. Bravo for using the recent addition of the VOid Queen, which I hope will intrigue older fans to check out the spectacular series of DIno Fury.

Covers That Shine

All the covers come in FULL ART variants that you can purchase at your LCS.

What did you think of this issue? Was the pace a story telling a nice change of pace? What do you think about the Villains showing up now means for the CHARGE TO 100?! Let us know in the comments below!

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