Boom! Studios has recently announced a new POWER RANGERS UNLIMITED coming this August to your local comic book shop.

Another NEW RANGER ……… or 2?!

BOOM! Studios, under license by Hasbro, Inc. (NASDAQ: HAS), announced today POWER RANGERS UNLIMITED: THE DEATH RANGER #1, an exciting new one-shot special issue by fan favorite writer Paul Allor (Power Rangers: The Psycho Path), and rising star artist Katherine Lobo, presenting a brand new story about a mysterious and deadly Ranger whose unearthly secret might spell doom for everyone in the Morphin Grid . . .

The LEGENDARY OMEGA RANGERS defended the universe from evil thousands of years ago, the six of them using their elemental powers to protect others from sinister forces. But that all changed when one key member became seduced by the death-defying powers of the Rangers’ greatest foe. How does this Ranger connect to what’s locked in the mysterious Omega Vault in Safehaven so many millennia later, as everything converges in the milestone comic book event CHARGE TO 100?

Press release from Boom! Studios

If you notice in the press release its speaks about the LEGENDARY SIX OMEGA RANGERS! The current team only consists of 4 fire, wind, earth, and water. Is this new mysterious ranger really powered by death or is it another elemental-based ranger tuned to death-like powers? And for that fact what could the 6th LEGENDARY OMEGA RANGER powers and suit color be based on?

Speaking of powers, what color is this new Death Ranger? Are they Brown, Bronze, or Rust? Were they previously a gold ranger? Could these new death powers have tarnished into this putrid never before seen color? OR could it possibly be a former Yellow Ranger since the cover by Goni Montes features a yellow ranger? These are just my speculations and thoughts.

Is this one shot going to weave into the story?

With the last few UNLIMITED storylines, they haven’t really had much effect on the main narrative as of yet. Could this one-shot weave it’s way into the current POWER RANGERS run? Stay tuned to find out as we review all the latest Ranger Comics

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