Women of all kinds should have the right to choose. That’s it.

Women and anyone with a uterus have autonomy over their own bodies, and they should. I stand for all of us at That Hashtag Show by saying how upset, enraged, and quite frankly pissed off we are about the Supreme Court’s ruling to overturn what was previously thought to be “law of the land” in Roe V. Wade.

This decision doesn’t make it so that abortions will not happen, it just means that women in states where it is illegal will have unsafe abortions. It’s a blatant breach of trust and especially coming from four of the justices that outright lied in their confirmation hearings.

I won’t tell you how dark this day is for progress. It’s reverting back to an era where women were not equal in the eyes of the law. But we have to keep fighting, we have to keep hope through all darkness.

Access to safe and regulated abortion is a human right.

Here are links to organizations where you can donate to local & national abortion funds or for more information about safe abortion:

National Abortion Federation

National Network of Abortion Funds

Mayday Health

Plan C Pills

Indigenous Women Rising

Brigid Alliance

Planned Parenthood