Sideshow has put up a new Critical Role art piece for pre-order. And this one is a pretty special piece.

Product Images And Description

Sideshow Art Prints presents the Percival de Rolo: Manifestation of the List Fine Art Print, an official Critical Role art print by artist Livia Prima depicting a fateful moment for Vox Machina’s sharpshooter.

Pacts made in the shadows mark a path towards retribution for Percival Fredrickstein von Musel Klossowski de Rolo III, the aggrieved son of Whitestone’s slaughtered nobility. In Percival de Rolo: Manifestation of the List, visions of vengeance guide his hands as he builds Tal’Dorei’s first firearm — a pepperbox pistol enchanted with the names of his intended victims on its barrel. The smoke monster Orthax rises from the fires of his forge, guiding Percy through sleepless nights of hatred against the ones who harmed his family: Professor Anders, Sir Kerrion Stonefell, Doctor Ripley, Lord Briarwood, and Lady Briarwood.

Each Percival de Rolo: Manifestation of the List Fine Art Print features an authorized, automated artist signature and an embossed Seal of Authenticity as a part of the Critical Role collection from Sideshow. Available unframed and in a custom framed presentation, this portentous portrait is a must-have for any Critter’s Vox Machina display.

Price And Release Date

This new art piece is set for release between next month and August. Unframed is priced at $75, while framed is priced at $250.

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